9 Best Free WordPress Classifieds Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Classifieds Plugins

1. Sofa Front Post Classified Ads for WordPress

Wordpress Classified Ads Plugin

2. Roo Classifieds WordPress Plugin

Premium Classifieds WordPress Plugin

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It is a fact that WordPress is the most popular publishing and blog tool that is normally used by most website owners and bloggers. Thousands of people today use them because these plugins give them the opportunity to make their website more impressive. This is also used by some people in creating and keeping a classifieds website updated. You can do it when you have WordPress classifieds plugins. Due to the remarkable knowledge of the people, they created the best free WordPress classifieds plugins for those people who can’t purchase them.

With these best free WordPress classifieds plugins, you can actually create a classified website on a more effective and easier way. You will just need to use your computer and connect it to the web in order to do the whole process perfectly. WordPress Plugins are made available in different options. That is the reason why you can easily choose the right plugins that will fit with your needs.


AWPCP or Another WordPress Classified Plugin has been made fast and easy to use. You will surely have grand support from its forum. But, before utilizing it, you must translate the instructions in your local language so that you can understand the information it provides. You can also use this in any WordPress theme.

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2. Classifieds

When you use this option, you can easily add a classified ad in your blog or website. It allows you to create ads, send emails, upload images and alter your username in posting ads in your site or network.

3. ROO Classifieds

This is the latest plugin which is only made for classified ads. It comes with a well-built control panel and the straightforward behavior of it is made to have an easy and tight process in combining with the WordPress ROO. It uses native custom taxonomies and types of posts.

4. SOFA Front Post

This is also used in creating classified ads for WordPress. This will support you in managing all WordPress themes that you will use making impressive Classified ads for your site. It is equipped with a ready to use PayPal. This also works in any themes of WordPress. It features custom made widgets.

5. Free version of Another WordPress Classified Plugin

This is a free version of AWCP that can help you in increasing the maintenance of your website. Through this WordPress plugin, you can easily communicate with other people.

6. WordPress Classifieds

This plugin will let you add a simple yet impressive advertising blackboard and information in your WordPress blog.

7. Your Classified Ads

This will give you an easy process in adding and posting new classified ads in your blog.

8. ClassyFrieds

It has directory listing and classified system that will flawlessly work with WordPress native functions.

9. Business Directory Plugin

With Business Directory Plugin, you can create yellow-pages business directories, local directories, yelp-like review, and a business list provider.

These best free WordPress classifieds plugins come along with its features. You can easily create classified ads with ease and you can do it without spending a certain amount of money.