9 Best Free WordPress Footer Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Footer Plugins

1. Royal Footer Bar WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Footer Bar Plugin

2. leFooter WordPress SlideUp Footer Plugin

Wordpress SlideUp Footer Plugin

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WordPress Footer Plugins are the effective tools that are being used to customize the appearance of a site or to implement additional functionality in it. Using footer plugins actually saves you effort and time needed to implement additional features and they also serve as the best alternatives to time consuming manual coding. Below are some of the best free WordPress footer plugins that you should consider having if you want to improve your site.

Genesis Widgetized Footer

Changing the footer ‘Return to Top’ and ‘Copyright/Credits’ in Genesis is relatively easy using Genesis Footer Shortcodes or other plugins, but with the aid of this plugin it will makes your task easier.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Footer Putter

Among the best free WordPress footer plugins, this is one of the most commonly used. This excellent and useful plugin will put footer on the site to boost your online presence and credibility to human visitors and search engines alike.

Header and Footer Commander

This plugin enables you to easily insert a ‘text above header’ and/or ‘below footer’ for any WordPress website.

Header and Footer

This WordPress footer plugin lets you add an html code into the footer and head sections of the website or blog. This can prove to be very useful in your site. This plugin has a lot to offer.

Simple Sticky Footer

Simple Sticky Footer, among the best free WordPress footer plugins that you should have. It enables advertise/promote a WP Page rich text document as sticky footer.

Custom Headers and Footers

This plugin works by adding custom header & footer for the main page. If you want to insert additional content above or below your post lists, posts, and other, this plugin is the best option.

Add To Footer

This excellent and effective plugin enables users to add almost anything into their WordPress theme. It allows you to add JS or HTML code, ensuring that you do not have to keep on adding same codes in an event that you change the theme. All you need to do is to type in the settings and you are set to go.

Enhanced Header / Footer Injections

The enhanced header / footer injections add code into header & footer sections on page per page basis. This plugin also works well with archive pages, post types, 404 page, main page, and front page. This is basically designed in order to help boost up development process as you create custom website for clients.

Menu on Footer

Though there are lots of best free WordPress footer plugins out there, it is still essential that you use a plugin according to your needs and requirements. You can always consider this nice plugin, it creates simple unrolled configurable menu in the wp-footer or in widget.

Most website owners are always on the lookout for the best free WordPress footer plugins to incorporate in their website. You probably are one of them. So, if you really want to improve the look and feel of your site, consider the above mentioned WordPress footer plugins and see the difference.