9 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Live Chat Plugins

1. WordPress Live Chat Plugin

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

2. Chat X

Chat X

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When you are currently looking for the best free WordPress live chat plugins, you landed on the right place. These WP live chat plugins can help you give live chat support and assistance right from your site. WP Chat Plugins have been supporting avatars, private chat, words filtering, caching plugins, user list, chat rooms and more. To have a better idea, take a look at some of its examples:

1. Bankcle Chat

Banckle Chat is a WP plugin that will provide a reliable, highly customizable, rich and economical platform for live chat. Aside from giving live support to the customers, it even makes you updated regarding your site visitor activity and tracking. Here, you may view the demographical and technical information of the visitors. Integrating and configuring this WP plugin is so easy. Banckle will automatically activate the free plan for your own account.

2. ClickDesk Live Support – Live Chat

ClickDesk has been WP’s value combination of the best WP help desk, social toolbar, voice chat, and live chat for your site. You can install it for free.

3. WP Chatblazer

WP Chatblazer has been a free plugin that will let you embed its application to be able to chat on the WP page. You can directly embed video chat and instant messaging anytime you want to.

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8. BuddyPress Group Tinychat

4. Video Chat Plugin

This WordPress AVChat video chat plugin has been designed for increasing the engagement of the members including the site revenues through a stunning solution of video chatting.

5. FlexyTalk – Live Chat

FlexyTalk allows you to get started with chatting to the Facebook fans and visitors of your site. You can do this from any forms of devices such as mobile phone. You can avail a free account and enjoy unlimited chats as long as you want.

6. Acobot Live Chat and Contact Form

Acrobot Live chat can potentially improve your WP through virtual robots within three minutes or less. Here, you can boost the sales like you never experienced before. Acrobot can be quickly and easily accessed.

7. WP Symposium

It turns your WP site like a social networking site. WP Symposium is the plugin for WordPress that can give a member directory, forum, notification panel, activity (like a Facebook wall), private mail, profile page, activity alerts, events, Facebook connect, mobile support, gallery, chat windows, social widgets, groups, and RSS activity feeds. All you have to do is to select that one that you wish to activate. These features are made optional to the members for their privacy protection.

8. BuddyPress Group Tinychat

BuddyPress is a plugin that creates a chat room for every BuddyPress group. It has a pro version wherein everybody can play soundcloud and YouTube video. It will be automatically logged into a chat room including the WP user name.

9. Vivocha Activation Tool

Vivocha has been the cloud-based service and tailored to various businesses who want to engage their clients online with the use of voice, video and chat.

These are just some of the outstanding and useful free WordPress live chat plugins. Feel free to download any of them without spending money.