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YouTube Videos for WordPress

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Managing your WordPress Multisite requires a lot of work, but if you have the complete and right tools, you can easily cope up with it. Nowadays, there are a lot of discussions, forums and questions regarding the best WordPress Multisite Plugins that are considered as the latest trend in the website industry. This article will provide the best WordPress Multisite Plugins that will help you perform your job faster, hassle free and easier.

1. Simplified Social Sharing

This kind of multisite plugin will let the users share their accounts from the most popular social networking sites that include Google, Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte and LinkedIn.

2. UpdraftPlus- Word Press Restoration and Backup

The plugin is designed for restoration and backups such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Dream Objects, Rackspace Cloud, email and WebDAV. The plugin will help you restore all your files in just one click. The database as well as the backup files also has a separate schedule.

3. WP Photo Album Plus

This is a kind of multisite plugin that can easily manage your photo albums, slideshows and displays in a network of WordPress site.

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4. MailChimp for WP Lite

This is considered as one of the best multisite plugins that will provide you with more email subscribers. It has an easy sign up check box and sign up forms in your WordPress site.

5. Multisite Privacy Plugin

This kind of plugin is considered as must have in your WordPress networks. It has four levels of privacy option that allows the registered user to view the site, allows the users of the site to view it, gives access to the administrator of the site that also requires password and allows you to control all the blogs.

6. WP Recent Network Posts

This kind of multisite plugin will give you a widget in order for you to display your recent posts from your multiple blogs in your network. You also have the ability to show optionally your blog titles, recent posts and thumbnails.

7. Organizational Message Notifier

This plugin will serve as your perfect way in order to communicate announcements across your network. This will help you post notifications for your blog admins that can be shown until all the messages are marked as read and can delete your notifications manually.

8. Multisite Dashboard Switcher

This will help you quickly switch the dashboards while you are navigating your network. It also makes the managing settings more convenient and requires only a few clicks in order for you to get from one site into another.

9. Multisite Plugin Stats

This kind of plugin will help you show the plugin activations in all your sites. It is very useful for checking in which plugin is not in used and can also deactivate it as possible. This plugin will also give you the ability to find the most used plugins in your network.

The WordPress Multisite Plugins is considered as one of the best plugins in the world of WordPress. They will truly help you in order for you to attain a dramatic traffic in your network.