9 Best Free WordPress Order Form Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Order Form Plugins

1. Create Customer on Order for WooCommerce

WordPress Orderform for WooCommerce Plugin

2. WooCommerce Custom Order Status & Actions

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Plugin

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WordPress order form plugins are considered as one of the important pages in all kinds of websites. With the presence of order form plugins for WordPress, you can immediately reach your visitors get more information from them. When you are a WordPress user, a WordPress Order Form Plugin is recommended for you to use as it will help you build your order form easily. You can learn more about WordPress Order Form Plugins that are available online and you can download them for free.

1. Order Form 7 Plugin

This plugin has the ability to manage your order forms. It can also customize the order forms and immediately send it through email that includes your mail contents with markup.

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2. Order Form Maker Plugin

This plugin is considered as one of the user-friendly and sophisticated order form builder that is suitable for application forms. You can also add unlimited numbers in this kind of order form plugin and you can build brief order forms to produce complex applications with a variety of pages and sections.

3. Fast Secure Order Form

This plugin will let you create an unlimited number of order forms. It will also provide you with support for your file downloading purposes and restricting the size and type of files that you want to upload. The plugin will also provide you with integration that has the ability for database backups, submitting your order forms and spam protection.

4. ONW Simple Order Form

This plugin is a kind of straightforward order forms. You can associate it with reCaptcha that will let you add a button to your WordPress visual editor while you are composing pages and posts.

5. Simple Modal Order Form

This is a kind of modal window order form that makes use of jQuery. The SMCF has the ability to provide an order form IP address and options to send your order form from a user copy message.

6. Slick Order Forms

This kind of WordPress plugin will allow you to create a widget that is commonly used in multiple order forms on certain web pages. The order forms can be dropdown, floating, sliding or even sticky in appearance.

7. WP Flex Order Form

It is a kind of a WordPress plugin that is made from Flash or Flex. It is designed and created to reduce the spam messages since most of the spam can’t deal with Flex. By using this plugin, you can twist the background color of the order form and set the custom settings of the error messages.

8. Simple Order Form

This plugin will allow you to add order form in certain areas of your WordPress theme. It makes use of Ajax to prevent a scenario of page reloads and you can assure that you can use your order form website faster.

9. Super Order Form Plugin

This plugin is considered as one of the small plugin that offers an easy to use process. By simply specifying your email address, you can enjoy the features of this kind of order plugin. The plugin is perfectly suitable for a beginner who is willing to explore the world of WordPress.