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Word Press is considered as an influential blog system. This is considered as the second edition on the collection of useful Word Press plugins. Actually, Word Press plugins can add functionality on the Word Press.

WordPress Wiki

This plugin is developed to be a more useful and newer plugin. It adds functionality on the powered website of WordPress. The newer plugin is now ideally used to advertise products, services and downloads online. It also has the most capabilities and features to offer to website owners. By downloading the plugin, it becomes fully functional without limitations. Apart from it, upgrading makes it possible to have additional capabilities and display options.

WordPress Wiki Theme

This plugin is able to transform the Word Press into a knowledge and custom base application that power the documentation needs of companies. Adding articles is possible along with rate content, related articles, FAQ’s and the like.

Wiki Lite

The great thing about this plugin is that it transforms the website for Word Press into such a functional wiki and adds wiki pages on the Word Press blog. A more functional but not limited version, this supports the editing tasks of users by editing posts in the blog. In fact, users may edit Wiki on the Admin Dashboard and frontend.

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Talk Wiki To Me

This plugin is useful in creating wiki-style links on various destinations that help in building links a lot faster and protecting them from failing. Users are provided with the ability of defining their tags to various search engines, directories, reference sites and websites. The tags can be defined for an easy composition of links. With the use of a URL structure, they are able to spend more efforts in managing or creating URL links and composing posts. The external links are also protected from being broken.

eSimple Wiki

This plugin is simple as it creates basic functionality on the blog. The menu code is based entirely on the plugin of wiki-menus. The footnotes code is also based on the footnotes plugin of Andrew Nacin.

Wiki Page Links

This plug-in allows one of adding Wikipedia hyperlinks on the pages and posts. They can be automatically linked on the WordPress pages. The other features include of providing a list of templates for adding more links on the sites, like Wikipedia.

WP PukiWiki

This is considered as a PHP-based plugin that features quotations, headings, images, smileys, footnotes, preformatted texts, lists of different types and a whole lot more. Any author is allowed to make use of PukiWiki syntax when writing pages and posts.

Wiki Embed

The intent of this plugin is to help one create a framework for resource management. This plugin pulls the content from the media wiki page and to the Word Press environment.


This simple but useful plugin uses Wikipedia API in retrieving the start of the summary section of the Wikipedia article. However, this depends on the title that is provided. The Wikipedia information can be inserted online with the posts. On the tags, a wiki explanation is provided that boost the ranks of enriched wiki content.