9 Best WordPress Search Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Search Plugins

1. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

2. WordPress AJAX Search & AutoSuggest Plugin

WordPress AJAX Search & AutoSuggest Plugin

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1. Search Everything

This plugin includes the ability to highlight searches, search pages, attachments, comments, and excerpts of your WordPress site. Install this plugin and increase your ability to have a more functional default WordPress search option.

2. Relevanssi

This search plugin increases your WordPress search engine with additional features and configurations. Users will receive a better presentation through sorting their searches by relevance, not date and matching partial words that do not match. Users can also locate documents through a simple search query or gather quotes.

3. Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Increasing functionality of your WordPress site, visitors can type words into the search box and receive results before even finishing typing their query in. There is no need to have to use the submit button to gather search results.

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4. WooCommerce Predictive Search

This search plugin allows you to pull from the entire product database while you type delivering instant results. The dropdown shows thumbnails of the product, title, and its description. Configure a search box to the widget area of your site and and receive accurate results all the time.

5. Highlight Search Terms

This plugin uses jQuery to generate search results through use of a lightweight, low resource, search plugin. Offers BuddyPress compatibility and WP Super Cache. Additional supports from many search engines to include Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

6. Swiftype Search

Swiftype replaces standard WordPress search with an improved and more relevant search engine providing detailed insight into what your users are searching for. A full featured developed API and powerful Analytics is complemented with this dashboard and drag and drop features.

7. Ajaxy Live Search

A similar theme to Facebook search using an Ajax live search features with customization to suit your WordPress theme. A perfect plugin for searching categories, post tags, post types, and supportive of WP-Ecommerce.

8. Search in Place

Improves blog searching by providing query results in the real time by searching through type, post, page, and attachment. Highlight searched terms no the search page and resulting pages. Uses Ajax technology for searching with group results gained by post type, page, or attachments. This plugin is great for adding a different form of navigation to your WordPress site.

9. WordPress Google Search

This plugin was created to automatically link Google Custom Search Engines. Functions on any type of WordPress theme with no requirements to having an active Google account. Search results show up in default result page with the ability to add the site search widget to any theme.