9 Best WordPress Survey Plugins


Most Recommended WordPress Premium Survey Plugin

Advanced Polls for WordPress


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1. Feedweb

The Feedweb plugin is simple and easy to use for promoting and improving your blog. Insert customized rating widgets into your selected posts and choose questions you want your readers to answer to gain feedback about your blog. Securely built using HTML5, helping to meet an enterprise level of privacy and security standards for your site.


2. WordPress Simple Survey

This plugin allows for a simple survey, poll, or quick to be placed on your site. With the ability to track user submissions, scores, names, and results displayed on your WordPress dashboard. Programmed using jQuery, this plugin offers visual appeal and the ease of receiving results by email.

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3. YOP Poll

The YOP Poll is a complete plugin, offering basic features and customization for your WordPress site poll. Intuitive and easy to use with the user in mind.

4. Social Polls

Easily start a poll on your WordPress site or Facebook page. This plugin is focused on improving engagement, driving traffic to your social networks, increasing contacts, and participation. Filter results by demographic and social filters. Customize your poll by size, color, and font.

5. Colored Vote Polls

This plugin allows your poll to be customized with specifications of designated colors assigned to each individual poll answer. Make answers mandatory or not with the ability to easily display the survey by shortcode in a post or page. Easy to set up and use.

6. WebEngage

Increase the feedback received from your customers through WebEngage. Allow visitors to report issues and suggest ideas while keeping track of all data received. Run product feedback survey, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation, and more. An analytics module allows you to easily monitor your progress and efforts.

7. Pinnion Plugin

Easy to use and install. The Pinnion plugin allows you to establish a survey, quiz, or poll anywhere on your WordPress site. Increase the response of your viewers and gain insight into customer satisfaction. Embed even on a non-WordPress site and post on Twitter and Facebook social networks.

8. iPerceptions

iPerceptions is the easiest way to gain customer feedback solutions for a WordPress based website. Increase your conversion, create a direct dialog with your users, and track their level of engagement based on content.

9. Skysa Polls App

The Skysa Poll plugin allows users to easily vote on topics you create. Add and delete polls, set its position, and customize to suit your site needs. Have multiple polls running at once.