9 Best WordPress Twitter Plugins


1. WP to Twitter

The WP to Twitter plugin is designed to automatically tweet your WordPress to Twitter through a URL shortening service. You can additionally display feeds from recent Tweets using widgets. Use tags as Twitter hashtags and alternate URLs in place of post permalinks. Supported by Google Analytics.

2. Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

This simple Twitter feed widget allows your most recent tweets to be displayed in a sidebar widget. Easily customize the number of posts and replies detected.

3. Tweetable

Connect with your readers through Tweetable where you can integrate Twitter into your blog and automatically tweet links to your blog posts when published. Display your latest tweets in your sidebar and add share the Twitter account among blogging authors. Shortens URL’s with the ability to add Google Analytics. Tweet from right inside of WordPress with a quick tweet dashboard widget. Embed your tweets in your posts as well.

4. WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

A CSS and Javascript framework that works to boost your WordPress side’s design and functionality. Includes the base CSS and HTML for forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, typography, and more.

5. Kebo Twitter Feed

An easy way to integrate a Twitter feed into your WordPress site with shortcode, attached media, and more. Avoid caching so your pageload speed will not impact your site. A local cache backup is included in case you have connection issues with Twitter.

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6. Tweetily

Randomly selects a post or page to Tweet from, allowing you to automatically drive traffic to your site. Set up a time, number of tweets, and type of content to be shared. Easy twitter account connection and the ability to focus on topics and set schedules for tweets. Easily exclude specific posts or categories.

7. My Twitter Widget

An easy to install and use Twitter sidebar widget for your WordPress site. Show off your latest WordPress posts and choose from a selection of themes. Display an avatar and show the number of tweets. Customize your text area with CSS styling.

8. Feed Them Social

Create social feeds from your friends, family, or celebrities. Add as many social feeds as you desire and display them on any post, page, or sidebar. Easily generate shortcodes.

9. JM Twitter Cards

When activated, this plugin will add Twitter cards on your posts based on your settings. Customize the cards per each posts.