9 Free Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

Drag and drop themes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a page on WordPress today. You’re able to customize many of the aspects of your website without needing to know any code at all.

You can add new columns, content, parallax backgrounds, content sliders, and other features, depending upon the elements which are permitted by the theme.

Here are the best free WordPress themes which feature drag and drop options right now.

1. iFeature


This free drag and drop builder is fully responsive and universally professional. It works just as easily for a blog as it does for an e-commerce site. There are two types of widgets for the footer available, along with a testimonial section, and a sticky header menu. It is responsive for any touch-friendly device while providing options to exclude categories, display author bios, and customization options for every page.

2. Snapshot


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Although this theme feels simplistic at first, the drag and drop features for image placement is a nice feature to use. You have a nice series of menu options that can be displayed at the top of the screen. There’s room for your logo in the upper left. The slider above the fold displays your featured images with a text overlay if you wish. It’s built more for photography than other uses, but it is beautiful and works well when you need to build a site quickly.

3. Neuro


If you’re looking for a theme option that is incredibly easy to use in this category, then give this one a try. It is powered by CSS3 and HTML5, giving you a full SEO experience to generate organic results. The sidebar layouts of the theme are dynamic. There are also dynamic templates included for each page on your site. With this theme, you’ll find that adding functionality to your website is very easy to do.

4. Bulk


For those working with WooCommerce, this free drag and drop option is a solid choice. Choose the Lite version for a free experience to use the Elementor building mechanism. You’ll have a full-size image featured above the fold in this theme. Menu options are placed at the top of the page, including a specific link to your blog. It is flexible enough to be used for any type of website. It’s also translation and RTL ready.

5. iRibbon


This theme option combines elements of grid-based layouts with the drag-and-drop dynamic. It features a vintage style to the graphics, while offering widgets and ribbons that give you some customization options. You can exclude categories from the blog page, take advantage of the three types of footer layouts, and use the responsiveness to promote content to all visitors. It features Twitter Bootstrap.

6. Fabify


There’s a nice advertising-based header image that is available with this them option. You can access a slider, CTA, portfolio, blog, and service sections within this theme, which is also compatible with WooCommerce. It is nice and lightweight, allowing it to load quickly, while working with numerous page-building plugins. For visitors, it offers the traditional scrolling experience of a primary landing page that has become the trademark of a WordPress site.

7. Fagri


If you’re looking for a theme that will make your site faster, smarter, and simpler, then give this option a closer look. It gets all the basics right for you, including a grid-like image option underneath a full-size introductory image and section. Your contact box goes above the fold, which is surprisingly rare for free drag and drop designs. Although it is a one-page layout, the look stays clean and the hover animations make the site feel like it is interactive to the user.

8. Customify


This theme option offers a superior level of customization within the free drag and drop format. It is incredibly flexible, offering a true what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience with the header and footer. What you’re using was built exclusively for this theme, which means you get to create the exact user experience you want without needing to deal with tons of web development. It works with most of today’s most-popular plugins, including Yoast, OrbitFox, and BuddyPress.

9. Magzee


This theme is very easy to customize. The design is setup to create the scrolling experience most visitors want with a landing page. You can create product pages, showcases, or similar elements to build your business. It is translation ready, loads quickly, and is fully optimized for SEO to help you build organic visits.

The best free drag and drop WordPress themes will help you get more work done with easy design options. If you need to build a site and coding isn’t your thing, then give these themes a try today.

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