9 Free Metro Style WordPress Themes

The key to having an impressive website is to choose a WordPress theme that is not only beautifully designed but that is responsive as well. Whether you’re looking for a template for your business website or personal website, this list is filled with great choices. The free Metro style WordPress themes are based around Windows 8 which has influenced design trends for other companies including Apple. It is a truly easy way to apply a modern touch to your website.

1. Wrock Metro

Wrock Metro
Wrock Metro is the perfect template if you have a website based off of photos such as a portfolio or a magazine. It has an eye-catching design and it’s compatible with any type of website whether professional or personal. There are an array of features to choose from and it’s perfect for search engine optimization. With its easily adaptable user interface for both desktop and mobile devices, you won’t have to worry about dealing with compatibility issues. It also gives users the opportunity to connect their social media accounts directly to the website.

2. Metro CreativeX

Metro CreativeX
If you’re searching for a colorful and interesting design, this is the one for you. It is quite minimalistic and takes advantage of the tiling that you commonly see in Metro themes. The design is fully responsive and incredibly clean, making it the perfect option for professional websites. It was coded using CSS3 and HTML5, making it easy to customize any features that you may be interested in changing.

3. Metro Pirate

Metro Pirate
On a less professional note and more for personal use, Metro Pirate is a great template to apply to your blog or personal site. It has a convenient and minimalistic design integrated with a colorful grid style. As with all Metro layouts it is entirely responsive and the coding is perfect for any customization.

4. Sparkles Nursery

Sparkles Nursery
Instead of focusing solely on displaying photographs, Sparkles Nursery is perfect for having text on your website as well. All of the tiles are fully customizable and it comes with an earthy green appearance, though you are able to change the colors if you have specific ones in mind. It is fully compatible with any device, ranging from desktops to mobile devices and it is entirely responsive.

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5. Sensitive

As one of the more professional free Metro style WordPress themes, sensitive has a serene color palette filled with blues and greens. It will help to make your existing WordPress website compatible on desktop devices and mobile devices alike. Some of the features included with the template include: 3 page templates, customizable background support, and customizable homepage settings. It is also fully optimize for search engine optimization purposes.

6. WP Metro

For users that are interested in having a website that looks exactly like Windows 8, WP Metro is one of the best free Metro style WordPress themes that you can download entirely for free. All of the colors in the template are customizable, as are the tiles on the template. It is great for both laptops and smartphones.

7. Metro

With the Metro template you will be able to take advantage of displaying maps, images, gallery sliders, buttons, and any text. It is great for professional portfolios or you can simply add single images. If you own a blog you can use the template to add galleries, quotes, links, images, videos, etc. There are 9 different colors that you can choose from and they are all based off of the colors available from Windows 8’s original Metro template.

8. MetroPress

As a premium WordPress theme that you can download for free, you will receive a unique navigation bar that generally isn’t included with other free Metro style WordPress themes. Dark purple is the main color of the theme, though you can change it through the code. Some of the other features include: Google Maps shortcode, responsive website design, customizable sidebars, WooCommerce support, customized widgets, social media share bar, contacts page, the ability to translate the page, antispam, customizable menus, and more.

9. MetroBlog

If you’re a Windows 8 fan, this Metro template has a simple user interface that will make any computer user comfortable. It is the perfect template for a website owner that is looking to implement cutting edge technology in their design. It has a variety of customizable features including: sidebars, contacts page, and menus. It is also compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and it is optimized for search engine result pages. You can take advantage of the translation options and the social share bar where you can insert the information for your social media accounts. It supports WooCommerce, Google Maps, and Ecwid.

Free Metro style WordPress themes are a great way to show off your website and make it look modern without having to put a lot of effort into coding a template on your own.

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