9 Viral Marketing Methods for Blogs

Creating Viral Growth

How To Create Compelling Viral Content

Studies have shown that companies both large and small spend a major part of their content marketing budget on distributing the content so that it can be accessed by the largest number of people . This includes article marketing, posting snippets of content on various websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, so that it is easily accessible to a large number of users. However, if the content goes viral, the business need not spend much money or promotion, the users of the content will themselves forward it to their friends, relatives and associates, without being offered any kind of incentives.

The difficulty of content marketing is the creation of viral content. It is very difficult for any content creator to gauge an idea, video, joke or SMS which a large number of people will find attractive, as most people have very different interests. Both search engine trends and websites like Twitter provide an indication of topics which are trending, and information that is in demand.

The content created should be in short supply so that users are compelled to consume it and forward it to friends , relatives and business associates. Very often people do not like to miss out on lucrative offers and deals, which helps making the content viral. For example, many people receive emails promising them free mobile phones or cash rewards if they forward the email to a specified number of people. Though these emails are often scams, many believers fall for these chain letters and the email becomes viral.

While posting the content on a blog or website, the content creator should always include sharing buttons, so that the user can easily share the content . There are many scripts and tools available, which allow the user to link to the information on Facebook, tweet/retweet on Twitter or post it to the Linkedin profile.

Most website visitors are very busy, and they just skim the website they visit to check if it has any content which is interesting or relevant. In fact, Jacob Nielsen has been quoted as saying that website visitors consume only 20% of the content on the webpage. So it is advisable to break up the content into subsections and highlight the most interesting aspects of the information available.

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Information that is useful to visitors in any way, help them save time or money, earn some extra money, lead a better life is likely to be popular with visitors. Practical tips which can be implemented immediately will always be in demand.

Build a reputation among readers of the website for producing high quality content regularly, and these visitors will trust you and share the content with their peers, increasing the traffic to the website.