A Guide to Content Management Marketing

Design a Content Management Strategy

Content Strategies With Spicy Variety

Variety is vital in each and every content strategy. This means that you always need to strive to appeal to your diverse audience. Here are some tips to help you do well with your next content strategy.

Step 1. The Website.
You should be constantly checking your website to be sure that the content is correct and that you are getting the most from your content.

Step 2. Landing Pages.
You always want to direct as many visitors as possible to your website. Adding five landing pages to an existing ten can increase inbound traffic by 55 percent. This means that for increased calls to action you need more landing pages for a higher conversion rate.

Step 3. Get Your Fill.
The highest rated content marketers use at least fourteen different tactics on average.

Success Statistics

This could be anything from news articles to different features. News articles should be exciting and fun. A whopping 90 percent of marketers in the United Kingdom publish their articles directly on their websites.

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This makes the above steps the most used marketing tactic in the UK. Also keep in mind that three in five customers read content that is branded while they peruse content to buy.

As for features, you should be sure the content sticks with the consumer. 82 percent of customers enjoy reading content that is branded. 48 percent of customers feel better about brands that have good published content.

With blogs, there should be many different combinations to suit every variety of flavors. Blogs are responsible for 57 percent of customer conversions. Companies that blog at least fifteen or more times per month are five times more likely to get traffic than companies that do not blog.

As for newsletters, they can refresh the brains of your consumers every time. Repetitive and irrelevant content are the main reasons for subscribers unsubscribing. At least one hour per week is spent by at least one in five newsletter recipients reading marketing emails.

Integrating Visual Media

With infographics, they need to be very enjoyable. 90 percent of information is transmitted to the rain through visual stimuli. High quality infographics can be 30 percent more likely to be viewed and read than text. Just publishing infographics can lead to an average of 12 percent traffic growth.

As for videos, they need to be enjoyed longer. Internet users in the United Kingdom spent 45 percent more time watching videos online than in 2012. There was a 70 percent increase in visits to websites with videos since 2011. Posts that include videos are three times more likely to attract inbound links than simple plain text posts.

With case studies, there needs to be proof that you are at the top. Case studies are the fourth most used content tactic in marketing among businesses in the United Kingdom.