Average Cost of a WordPress Premium Theme

Average Cost of a WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes Stats And Development

Content management systems have evolved rapidly since the late 90′s but none have received more notoriety than WordPress. Hands down the most used CMS platform making up 19% (71.6+ million sites) of all sites on the internet.

One of the most important elements of content management systems are themes. Themes are interchangeable components that define the appearance and functionality of a CMS site.

There are approximately 1,001 theme shops on the market with an average of 13 themes per organization. This article reflects a sample group of 300 theme shops that produced 4,004 themes. The average amount of themes held by (300 sampled) development shops is 13, with one company having a maximum of 160 themes and a few tying for 1 theme.

Themes can be found online and for free and at varying costs. Some themes are created with malicious intent but the vast majority are produced by honest developers and companies.

Themeforest is a trusted reseller and developer of quality themes. Based out of Australia they’re in the business of providing tutorials and digital products. They currently hold the record for selling over $1,000,000 of the Avada theme (as of 10/19/2013 they exceed $2,000,000+ in sales: $55/40,745 sold).

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From the sample group 204 (87%) sold their theme on Themeforest with 93% marketed from exclusive authors (189). The average individual theme price is $46 and themes sold in clubs average $7.80.

An impressive statistic is most developers demonstrate confidence in their product with 88% offering lifetime support. Twelve percent offer monthly support or don’t provide any support at all.

Creating a theme requires a development platform. In the CMS world theme frameworks represent the code library to develop a theme. Frameworks come in two forms, drag & drop development or drag & drop mixed with coding options (main development language used HTML 5 and some JavaScript).

Roughly 19 frameworks exist on the market with 8 development shops offering their product free and 11 for sale. The average price for paid frameworks is $67, with prices peaking at $87 and bottoming-out at $39.

Developing CMS applications on theme frameworks can require a steep learning curve and moderate to advanced coding skills. Considering themes are generally developed for public distribution, technical support is valued to prevent deploying products with security holes or code peppered with bugs. When polled, 52% of developers prefer forums as a medium primary for technical support, 23% prefer a ticket system, 15% an email system and 11% prefer comments (in QA format).

As CMS platforms such as WordPress gain popularity the need for functional and secure themes will proportionately rise. Translating into an increased demand for developers and companies that offer quality products that meet market needs.