Best Free WordPress Business Directory Plugins

Aside from creating a professional website, WordPress today is also used in creating business directories. WordPress offers business directory plugins that can be used by a lot of people with ease. With the presence of these plugins, you and other website owners can easily create business directories. These are offered for free and that’s why if you cannot afford the price of some business directories plugins, you can get this for free in WordPress. You can also use them with ease because they are made manageable.

Personalized Directories

The best free wordpress business directory plugins will allow you to make a personalized online business directory. It leverages custom WordPress post types in order to have a firm combination with the core engine of WordPress. This way, you will have the assurance that it is fast, and reliable to use. Aside from that, you can use it in any themes that are available in WordPress. It helps the remunerated subscription through PayPal.

These WordPress business directory plugins are composed of two features. These features are made available so that the users like you will have a lot of options. These plugins are the following:

Front-End Features
• You can receive money every month.
• It utilizes the custom post categories such as speed, reliability, and scalability.
• This is compatible with any themes that are available in WordPress.
• It contains a friendly commission form.

WordPress Admin Features
• It contains initial pre-filled types( contains 12 standard types).
• It can be managed by computer literate experts.
• Has a set of directory which is logo upload, homepage features, and category features.

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If you want to install this plugin, you can follow these steps listed below.

1. Rename the folder business-directory into biz-directory.

2. Upload the biz-directory along with contents in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

3. Turn on the plugin by clicking the “plugins” button in the menu of WordPress.

4. Put this [bizdir_directory] in the page of your directory. In this step, you will see that the directory you created will immediately appear.

5. Put this [bizdir_addform] in the “join” page and just like on the step 4 and the form of submission will appear.

6. After that, you can use the Business directory tab “manage” and “submission”.

Actually, you can them to alter your WordPress blog or site into a business directory. In this directory, many people can submit links wherein you can see and manage those submissions.

With this information about best free wordpress business directory plugins, you will see the impressive features that it contains. You will also learn on how to install the business directory plugins. The steps in doing this process are so easy and that’s why you will not have any problems about using them. Be reminded that even though it is free, you should make sure that your computer and internet provider can function well. This way, you can avoid problems while performing the process of installation. These WordPress Business Directory plugins will give you a lot of benefits that will help you in creating your business directories.