Best Tools for Content Curation

Tips for Creating Content

Content Curation

Organization of words, thoughts and ideas about a product with the main aim being to establish itself in a market as a value added resource is referred to as curation. It can also be defined as the process through which information is analyzed, sorted and then presented in an organized and a meaningful way around a specific theme.

Why Choose Content Curation?

Whereas the process of curation has got its own challenges, people have different objectives of doing it. Majority of people covering a percentage of almost 85% defined the main objective of curation as establishing leadership in the market while 80% thought curation as important for increasing brand visibility. Among those people interviewed, 65% gave the main objective of curation as boosting Search Engine Optimization. It is however important to note that different challenges have to be overcome to achieve the objectives of curation. Among the challenges rate highly, lack of time stood at 75% while 35% of people cited creation of original and non-plagiarized content as the main challenge. 56% of content marketers using curation indicated that finding good content was a big challenge while 39% found allocating of staff as the main challenge.

Where One Can Source For Content

Never be lied to by someone that there is inadequate information online. This is not always the case as much as many people would want to believe. After every two days, people are able to create information of same volume like all information which was created from onset of civilization up to the year 2003 combined together. A good proof can be seen from the following statistics; In YouTube, 72 hours of video are usually uploaded every minute that passes while almost 140 million tweets are made in a single day. 25 billion people share information daily on Facebook and new web domains created every day stood at 8.9 million. Lastly, 2.5 million posts are made in Tumblr every hour.

Tool for Marketers

Recently, use of different streams of curation tools has been on the rise. Content marketers are working hard and using different curation tools in an effort to build large online communities and increase their audience. Several techniques which these marketers use include social bookmarking of sites. Among the sites where one can make bookmarks include Digg, Stumble Upon, TrailFire and Diigo among others. Content marketers also use content aggregators such as Yahoo, Google Reader. Redit and RSS feed to market their brands. They can also use curators such as PearlTree, Paper.Li, Storify, Scoop.It and Bundlrto to increase their audience even more. If you use the above curation tools and techniques effectively, there is no way you will fail in content marketing. Get the best in content marketing and see yourself soaring higher in your business.