When it comes to some of the most popular sites online, Amazon and eBay rank really high. They are more than just ecommerce websites, because they are designed to be more of a marketplace. This means that when you are creating a site, it might be a good idea to consider some of the most popular marketplace wordpress themes. A marketplace is essentially a special type of site that brings together both buyers and sellers. It is one platform that brings together those looking to buy and those looking to sell.

This means that if you are trying to create this type of website, you need to use a theme that offers the right type of layout and features that you are looking for. Creating a website on your own no longer has to be a challenging or impossible task. Now you can use a theme that allows just about anyone to create their own site. You can now create a marketplace online where profitability is possible. All you need to do is choose just the right free wordpress marketplace theme. Choosing the best theme is the place to start.

Here are some of the best free wordpress marketplace themes to choose from:

1. Marketify


This is a free wordpress marketplace theme that is very popular. It is a theme that is designed for those looking to create a marketplace for selling digital files of any type. It allows you to create a digital marketplace with ease. Products can be listed and sold using this theme to create a site. There are social login features that allow users to make registration really easy. There is even a rating feature on this theme that allows people using this site to leave reviews about products and sellers. The design of the theme is visually appealing and also customizable based on your preferences. You have the ability to change fonts and colors.

2. Stocky


If you are looking to create a marketplace dedicated to the selling of photography, this is a theme that could be ideal for you. Uploading and selling photos is made simple with the use of this marketplace theme. It is a theme that is designed to make it easy to sell digitally downloaded items. It has a really professional layout and sliders that allow you to highlight special promotions that are most important to consumers online.

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There are so many different wordpress themes to choose from that sometimes the options can be a bit overwhelming. The way that you can narrow down your options is to choose a theme that is related to your specific niche. If you are creating a blog or site that is dedicated to cars and automotive topics, you need to begin by choosing from the best free automotive wordpress themes.

WordPress themes can be broken down into categories and if you begin by choosing the niche market for your site, you will be sure to choose a theme that has the layout and features that matter most. There are a number of free automotive wordpress themes that can be the perfect way to design your site. Here are some of the best free automotive wordpress themes that you can choose from.

1. CarZone


This is a theme for automotive sites that is extremely popular. It offers a layout that is designed to be professional, but also really clean and simple. It is not overly cluttered or jumbled. This minimalist style is really popular for automotive sites out right now. It is compatible with all the newest versions of wordpress, which makes it one of the most convenient choices. It has an options page that is easy to use and comes with banners that are ready. It even offers a comments features that you can add to your site.

2. SUVZone


This is another really popular free automotive wordpress theme that will allow you to design some type of car site with ease. No matter what type of automotive site or blog you might have, this theme could be the perfect solution. It has an attractive and simple design that gives you customizable options. This means that you can change the background and font to create just the look that you desire for your website.

The features that come with this wordpress theme include image ready, which allows you to upload all types of images with ease. It is also a theme that is designed to be widget ready and is SEO optimized. This means that having more visibility online for your site should be possible with little effort. All of the features that matter most with an automotive wordpress theme are attainable with SUVZone for no cost.

These are two of the best themes that you can choose for your automotive site.

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You do not have to be a web design expert to create your own site. With the help of easy to use themes, you have the ability to design your site with ease and create a professional looking layout the appeals to online users and search engines. If you are looking to create a reseller website, you have to be careful with the type of theme that you select.

The only way that you can have success with this type of site is to make sure that your site is designed using a theme that offers features including responsiveness and a professional layout. The best free web hosting sites will help you to attract more consumers, you just have to know what the best options to pick are. Here are some of the best free web hosting wordpress themes that you can choose from.

1. Flat Host

Flat Hosting

This is s free web hosting theme that offers a layout designed to be modern, sleek and visually appealing. If you are looking for a theme that will allow you to create a look that stands out and is noticeable, this is one of the best options. This is a theme that is also compatible with a variety of web services. This allows you to make your site even more versatile. You can choose from different color schemes based on your preferences and can end with a design that works best for your specific target market. The features that make this theme most appealing include domain search options, layered slider, multi-page templates and a design that is highly rated and reviewed.

2. Modern Hosting

Modern Hosting

Choosing just the right free web hosting wordpress theme is never easy, but Modern Hosting is an option that can’t be wrong. It is a theme that is based on a really popular HTML template. It has a really minimalist design and is known for being really easy to use. It offers only the most basic features, but these features are exactly what you have been looking for. You have the ability to alter the background style and fonts to create a more unique design for your site. Some of the features that are most notable with this theme include the ability to add new web hosting plans, use client management tools and the testimonials section.

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Creating a site is no longer something that requires expertise and extensive knowledge in web design. It is now possible for just about anyone to create a popular website or blog. When you are beginning the process, it is important to consider the type of site that you are trying to build. WordPress themes are designed to be the simple solution to web design and there are so many options to choose from.

You can narrow down your options by thinking about the niche market that you are catering to. If you are looking to create a website for your coffee shop, there are wordpress theme options specifically designed for this use. This means that if you want to appeal to people looking for coffee shop services, you should choose to use a wordpress coffee shop theme when designating your site. Different types of sites require the use of different types of features. This will enable you to create just the right style if you choose from coffee shop themes. Here are the best free coffee shop wordpress themes that will help you promote your café or local coffee shop business online:

1. Café Cultura

Cafe Cultura

This is a visually appealing theme that is designed to have a sleek layout, but is also completely responsive. This means that the site will automatically adjust to the type of device that is used to access the site. For coffee shop sites, many of the visitors will be accessing the site from a mobile device. This means that your site must be responsive in order to ensure that you do not miss out on any visitors to your site online. This is a theme that allows you to display a powerful and flexible food and drink menu. You can use the menu builder feature to add all the items that you wish to promote on your website. There are even 28 custom dietary icons that you can choose from. There are mapping features and layout customization features that allow you to change the overall design of the site using various logos, colors and backgrounds.

2. Divi Cafe

Divi Cafe

This is another popular coffee shop wordpress theme that is really beginning to get a lot of attention. It allows for a press ional looking layout and has extensive features that help you build a mobile friendly website that gives customers just what they are looking for.

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Knowledge base software can be considerably economic as it can reduce the cost of support services. Organizing, sorting and management of data become easier. Knowledge base software can be scaled up or down depending on the needs or demands of a circumstance. With open source knowledge base software, new technologies and upgrades become almost instantaneous and any bugs or loopholes are readily plugged.

A company or a developer would get much more diverse features with a knowledge base theme than a normal theme. If you want an amazing website that can improve customer satisfaction and would be more robust or sturdier than others, then you must check out some of the free WordPress knowledge base themes. While WordPress has thousands of themes and many would be just as easy to use, there aren’t many that can be categorized as knowledge base themes, especially when you need a free theme.

1. WP Knowledge Base

WP Knowledge Base

This is one of the simplest of all free WordPress knowledge base themes. It is a responsive bootstrap based theme that can maintain multiple product lists and knowledge bases. You can come up with specific knowledge bases with simple posts and have them niftily categorized. There are support forums, the theme comes with a comprehensive documentation and it is compatible with the latest WordPress version. The theme is backward compatible as well, up to WordPress 3.5.

2. My Knowledge Base


MyKnowledgeBase is a minimalistic theme with a very neat interface. It is a fully responsive design so you can have your website displayed on any device across all browsers without any hassles. The theme comes with customizable primary sidebar, widgets, homepage sidebar, header image, background and logo to replace full width page template as well as dropdown navigation. Everything can be customized with this theme.

3. Aron


There is an intriguing attribute of minimalistic websites and that is the minimalist design. Aron is one such website that combines simplicity with elegance, professional designing with extensive personalization. Aron is also a very easy theme to use. You don’t need any elaborate setups or procedures to get started. All you need to do is use the Activate button and your website will be up and running. Of course, you do have to tweak the features you wish to customize and you need content to go onto the website. Aron is a bootstrap based fully responsive theme so you don’t have to worry about website compatibility on desktop and mobile devices. The theme is ideal for businesses offering services of any kind. The theme can also work very well for magazines, travel websites, news portals and portfolios.

4. My Wiki


MyWiki is exactly what its namesake meaning is. You can get a website that is as simple but helpful, as lightweight and yet professional, as minimalist and yet interesting as Wikipedia. The theme works very well for blogs or any kind of website that is slightly or entirely encyclopedic. You could come up with white papers or blogs, FAQs or knowledge bases using this theme. The theme is responsive and is presently available in Spanish, other than English. The simple but smart categories, wise placement of various key features along with enough menu options make MyWiki one of the most useful free WordPress knowledge base themes.

5. FAQ


As the name suggests, it is a great theme for FAQ, forums or for knowledge bases. Any company that needs to educate the audience or the customers and requires a platform where open ended conversations happen unhindered will benefit with this theme. FAQ is a lightweight website that is responsive and is optimized for PageSpeed. You can customize the background, the patterns, header images and logos among others.

6. Alum


Alum is a responsive, elegant and multipurpose theme with fascinating customizability. The theme comes with a one click installation facility. It is a responsive theme. Alum is presently used for news sites, magazines, portfolio websites, blogs, various kinds of agencies or small firms and fitness centers among others. Alum would also be great for freelancers or artists and any professional who wishes to have an exclusive online presence.

All these themes are extremely easy to use. You don’t need any extensive knowledge or even the primitive knowledge about coding. You don’t have to deal with complicated processes of developing a website from scratch. Most control panels come with drag and drop features. The one click activations and uploads make these free WordPress knowledge base themes very easy to use in the long run. You don’t have to spend hours to make changes to the theme, settings, features or any design elements. Since the focus is on contents and real time correspondence right now, using these free WordPress knowledge base themes will be the least bothersome exercises for businesses or individuals.

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There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular website builder and content management system in the world. It is extremely easy to use, the platform is open source and is being consistently upgraded and perfected, there are millions of users and developers who can access the best of what everyone is creating and to top it all there are thousands of amazing themes to work it. The ease with which you can create a website using WordPress is unparallel. However, there are many WordPress themes that require quite some work. While you don’t have to know coding to use WordPress themes, some will require extensive coding to get the best out of them.

Some designs are rather quaint and quite complicated which may take a toll on the average DIY website developer or if you aren’t hiring a website designing company. That is where free minimalist WordPress themes become important and necessary. For a convenient approach to developing websites, you need to opt for one of the innumerable free minimalist WordPress themes.

Fortunately and unfortunately, there are plenty of options we have narrowed down your choices to the finest ones. Choose one of these best free minimalist WordPress themes for your website.

1. Azeria


Azeria is simple, clean and it has an enticing interface. Websites need to be welcoming. Any website that appears to be very cold or lacks substantial connection with the audience will fail to gain the necessary traction. Azeria can be tweaked to have features that you need and all the while it remains true to its minimalist design.

2. E-Commerce


Online stores don’t have to be complicated. They don’t need to be too difficult to browse, managing such websites can be easy and also updating the inventory, having payments processed and getting all necessary plug-ins in place can be very convenient, provided you opt for one of the free minimalist WordPress themes. E-Commerce is as simple as it can get, obviously in the ecommerce category. You get WooCommerce plug-in and the design is responsive so you don’t have to worry about device or browser compatibility.

3. Gazette


Gazette may seem to be a heavy site, especially with all the images loaded upfront on the homepage but the design itself is minimalist. It has a magazine style layout which works well for any kind of business website or for personal blogs. Sure, the design is a tad more focused on images on the landing page but it delves right into the content and in depth information as you head to specific sections. The design is visually impressive and then it gets detailed with smartly presented contents, supported by fonts that can facilitate readability.

4. Metro Pirate

Metro Pirate

Metro Pirate is one of the easiest free minimalist WordPress themes when it comes to browsing. The grid style display, the responsive design, the sitemap or the categories niftily stacked up on the left sidebar and customizable options make Metro Pirate a gift for self trained developers or startup entrepreneurs.

5. Delish


Delish is as simple as it can get. The landing page is very well sorted. The navigation is made easy with very well defined sections or categories. There is no fluff in the design and there is no place for you to add fluff in the form of content. The design is substantially interactive, fully responsive, clean and minimalist. The design is completely customizable. You can play with the widgets, colors, logos, language and social media icons among others.

6. RedWaves Lite

RedWaves Lite

RedWaves is a great design for blogs, portfolio sites, for professionals or freelancers, affiliate marketers and for businesses as well. The design is responsive and highly customizable. It is also translation ready. The design is compatible or rather optimized for AdSense so if your business relies on AdSense or needs affiliate marketing then this is one of the best free minimalist WordPress themes.

7. Shrake


Shrake is an amazing minimalist theme for bloggers, photographers, designers, animators and other professionals who don’t have to delve too much into textual content but focus more on visual contents. From images to videos, showcasing various works of art or having a portfolio, all of it and more become effortless if you opt for Shrake. The design is simple, the layout doesn’t allow for any distraction, the typography is clean and it has been developed with a mobile first approach.

8. Boardwalk


Not many developers or business owners would consider Boardwalk as a minimalistic theme, certainly not when compared to some of the other themes mentioned in this list. However, it is the most minimalistic theme that comes with horizontal scrolling. There are businesses and even professionals with well defined purposes that could do better with horizontal scrolling. Having such a unique browsing feature while not delving into any complications, is an option that many wouldn’t pass.

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Nonprofit organizations have very well defined visions. The principles are statutes that cannot be tweaked every now and then. The intentions are in most cases noble and charitable. The approach to get the work done or to accomplish the goals is beyond impeccability. When an organization has such attributes to nurture and a message to share in a responsible manner, the portrayal of the organization has to be impeccable as well. Hence, the standard approach that developers use to create websites will not be applicable with nonprofit websites. Depending on the exact cause and the scope of operations a nonprofit organization champions, there can be innumerable possible designs. It is really a tough task to figure out the exact design or theme, layout or the kind of features that the website must have.

Since WordPress is the most widely used content management system and website builder, you may want to use one of its themes to develop a nonprofit website. Fortunately, there are a few free nonprofit WordPress themes that you can check out and perhaps you would find one to be absolutely perfect for your organization.

1. Causes


One of the simplest and most impressive free nonprofit WordPress themes, Causes just conveys the message and subtly lays out the kind of work that an organization does. For charities or nonprofit organizations, one cannot be too subtle with the messaging and one certainly cannot trumpet it either. One has to find the right balance. That is exactly what Causes can achieve. The theme is neat and sorted, impressive and is completely responsive. It is SEO friendly. There is a search feature and not too many website sections which can otherwise confuse the visitors. Setting up the site, customizing its features or layouts and running it or maintaining it is a cakewalk. Nonprofit organizations are often short staffed and they may run out of resources to keep working on their infrastructure. Having a simple site that doesn’t require much tweaking from time to time is quintessential.

2. Charitas Lite

Charitas Lite

Charitas Lite is another ideal free nonprofit WordPress theme. It can be used by charities, foundations and nonprofit organizations. The design is minimalist but extremely professional. There is a large dedicated space for the featured image and dedicated sections for important information. The website is very contemporary but it doesn’t have any of the fluff or excessive design elements that can be a distraction. The focus is entirely on the causes and the messages, the work being done and the sitemap along with its responsiveness ensure that the website is effortless to browse.

3. Boldly Go Green

Boldly Go Green

Boldly Go Green, as a theme, is custom made for eco friendly programs but the feature is customizable so you don’t need to have all bold green interfaces. You can always tweak the design. Probably not good for businesses, Boldly Go Green surely ticks a few checkboxes of desirable features in free nonprofit WordPress themes.

4. BizNez Lite

BizNez Lite

BizNez Lite is one of the most elegant free nonprofit WordPress themes. The theme is fully responsive. The design is minimalist and the admin options panel is one of the easiest to use. The theme can be used by businesses, artists or professionals who need to have portfolio sites and nonprofit organizations. The flexible theme can be customized in myriad ways. You can have your unique logo, customize the favicons, opt for social media integration and as many or few icons you want, you can also have your own copyright texts and strike a fine balance between vision, projects being worked on, testimonials and featured sections in smartly placed snippets right on the home page.

When it comes to choosing one of the free nonprofit WordPress themes, it will eventually boil down to the type of nonprofit organization one has. The scope of the nonprofit work, the kind of content that needs to be uploaded along with the target audience will determine which theme is more suitable. From the color palettes to the fonts, the widgets to the level of customization, everything will have to be factored in while picking the best free nonprofit WordPress themes. You can check out the demos of these themes or if you have a developer then you can have them check out the themes to know which ones will be more customized to suit your visions and how your organization works.

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Retro themes are sort of a paradox. Not every theme that brings back the past or reminisces about it would qualify as retro themes. Not every theme that tries to be contemporary can be called state of the art. There is a fine balance that is essential in any retro site. Also, the very definition of retro themes is debatable. What truly qualifies as a retro theme? Is it the design or the technology, certain images or the settings, the features or the manner in which the site works?

Some free retro WordPress themes are contemporary designs with some references to pop culture of the yesteryears. Some free retro WordPress themes are classic designs that have let go on the features that are relevant today. It eventually boils down to what kind of a site you wish to develop and how you wish to induce that retro feel. One can go all out with outdated designs or one can have a state of the art website with retro references. Bearing in mind the possibilities, here are some free retro WordPress themes that you can consider.

1. 90s Retro

90s Retro

90s Retro is one of the finest examples of free retro WordPress themes. It doesn’t confine itself to the features or the references; it goes back to the essence of old sites or the websites of the nineties in particular. You may recollect, if you are old enough, the websites of the nineties with their pixilated images or graphics. At that time, we did not even know what high resolution images were all about or how grand and realistic certain animated imagery or graphics could get. Now that we know, the 90s Retro theme is almost nostalgic. The theme has an old school feel with neon colors, animated GIFs and background music. It is kind of homage to the predecessors of the post Y2K era. You can toy with the images and various features of the theme. You can dedicate your retro website to specific movies, bands, pop culture or anything in particular that you hold dear. 90s Retro is a great theme for movie buffs and thus movie websites, blogs, music websites, fan sites, video game websites and for generic business websites that owe allegiance to one or more retro themes.

2. RetroTale


Remember when the fonts used on websites were unique or different to say the least? Before there was a need to fall in line, designers and developers were rather experimental. Strange but interesting fonts, unique layouts and an ardent inclination to be different used to make websites different. While contents did all the talking eventually, the design or the themes used were certainly quaint, and in a good way. That is what you can attain with RetroTale. This theme is completely customizable. It is an ideal choice for magazines, blogs, businesses and even ecommerce sites. The theme can also be used for portfolios if there has to be some retro reference and event management companies or organizers and communities can also use this theme. RetroTale is Retina ready, it is fully responsive, there are 3 pre-defined color schemes, as many as 220 Google fonts and Theme Options panel that can easily adapt your website to different layouts and sitemaps depending on what you need or prefer. There are boxed layouts, wide layouts, two blogs layouts, masonry or grid and column layouts. The headers, footers, favicons, sidebars, plug-ins and languages; everything can be customized. The theme is presently available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian and Slovak.



This is one of the simplest free retro WordPress themes available right now. Ideal for personal or family blogs, kids’ websites or any kind of website that doesn’t have to be monetized; Ectopudding brings in some very simple features without which a website would be incomplete but while retaining the charm of retro websites. However, the theme still allows you to have social media integration, a very convenient sitemap and other features which will make browsing, sharing and interconnecting a cakewalk.

4. Trendmag


Trendmag doesn’t pay homage to any particular pop culture or what was popular in the past. It is just a simple website theme that offers features which have been around for almost two decades now. The simplistic design has a flexible layout. It is ideal for blogs, magazines, profiles or portfolios and even for ecommerce sites but not for the obvious consumer electronics or gadgets. Trendmag is an easy theme with very lucid setup processes. Anyone can find the theme easy to work with. The theme is almost a classic but is also contemporary enough to allow you substantial customizability.

At the end of the day, how you present your site and what kind of flavors or references you pull in to deck up your free retro WordPress themes will determine the visual and contextual impression.

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Musicians should have their own website. Unlike other professionals, freelancers, self employed people or organizations, there cannot be a generic approach to choosing free WordPress templates for musicians. One expects bloggers to have a certain kind of a website. Freelancing programmers or even writers can adhere to the standard practices of developing a website. Musicians cannot do so because there is ample scope for experimentation. Also, the exact style of a musician and the expertise will have certain demands for the website to attend to.

Let us consider the principal distinction that sets individual musicians apart from bands. It doesn’t matter how small or large a band is. Independent musicians or artists need to factor in the difference that they wouldn’t have the same kind of website as bands. A band becomes the entity and thus the identity. For independent musicians, only one individual is the entity. Naturally, the type of website one can design or the kind of free WordPress templates for musicians one can choose will depend on that.

Musicians specialize in myriad instruments. Some specialize in various kinds of music, including multiple instruments. Some musicians are confined to only one instrument or one style of music, composition and singing. The specialization or the genre will also determine the flavor of the free WordPress templates or musicians. From the colors to the onsite features, the presentation of the artists to featuring the various compositions or productions, everything has to be worked on depending on the exact attributes of the musician. Here are some free WordPress templates for musicians that you can consider using.

1. Byblos


Byblos is basically a portfolio website template. Musicians, like many other professionals, will require a portfolio. It doesn’t matter how successful or at what stage of aspiration a musician is. Photographers, writers or bloggers, freelancers and creative agencies, all require portfolios or profiles and Byblos is a great template to get started with. Byblos is a responsive theme so it would be perfectly displayed on every device and browsing platform. The theme comes with a menu layout, grid tiles for a blog, the featured image is immersive enough, the theme is SEO ready and can also be customized in myriad ways. From customizable headers to footers, social media integration to an array of widgets, the theme offers you enough features to have an impressive presence online.

2. BeatMix Lite

BeatMix Lite

BeatMix Lite is a very useful free WordPress template for musicians, especially bands. Tours, concerts and events are an integral part of the lives of all musicians. BeatMix Lite attends to this very important aspect. The theme is not strictly for portfolio websites but it can be used to have enough information up there so the world can get to know more about a musician or band. The theme is ideal for events and concerts, with images featured on the home page, important posts being highlighted in widgets and then steadily archived but kept available and there is a plethora of options as far as web pages are concerned so people or fans can get relevant information pertaining to the band or musicians. The theme is very flexible and it can be used by anyone, regardless of the knowledge of coding. The theme is also fully responsive so one doesn’t have to worry about browser or device compatibility.

3. Musik


Musik is one of the simplest free WordPress templates for musicians. It can be considered as a portfolio theme or a blog theme. The theme is responsive. It has two dedicated spaces for widgets which further add to the simplicity of the website. There is a place for logo, custom header, sticky posts and threaded comments. The theme is translation ready.

4. Singl


This is another minimalist theme but with an appeal that cannot be ignored. The developers had clearly thought of musicians while designing this theme. The visuals are strong, the plug-ins are smartly placed and the website is easily navigable. It is very flexible so customization is not a worry at all.

Any website for musicians must have some unique content that would highlight the works of the artists and there should be some generic flavors that exude the essence of music. The latter can be portrayed with logos, contents, featured or background images, colors or specific pictures that showcase the instruments that a band or the musician specializes in. Showcasing past work and future endeavors would be the primary purpose of a website for any musician along with highlighting the technical finesse. All these free WordPress templates for musicians can help you to attain that objective. You should however choose the themes and the colors, fonts or images in accordance with the kind of music you produce. That would be the primary factor facilitating the connection with your fans.

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There is no stringent rule that your job board or job portal will have to be of a certain kind, adhering to a particular type of layouts and designs. It goes without saying that the posts should be neatly organized so browsing can be effortless. The bottom line is that the website and all the posts should be well sorted. However, there are a number of different ways you can consider to attain the same impact. There are numerous free job board WordPress themes you can consider using. Some of these will be a plug and play solution as they are custom made for job portals. Others are not exclusively for job portals or classifieds but they have the requisite features which can be very useful while designing job portals. You may intend to come up with a website focused entirely on jobs or you may want a section of your website to act as a job board. Regardless of that approach, you can check out these free job board WordPress themes.

1. Jobile


Jobile is perhaps the best of all free job board WordPress themes. It may not be the most sophisticated or the most unique but it caters to the primary and the sole purpose of listing jobs. There is no simpler way to come up with a job board than a theme that offers a turnkey solution. With Jobile, you just plug and play. If you have the jobs ready then they are ready to be listed. The Jobile theme is very light which makes load times insignificant. The website would be fast, easy to browse and the clean or minimalist design allows viewers to focus on the jobs instead of getting distracted by other elements on the website. The theme is responsive so it would be accessible on all browsing platforms and devices. There are dedicated sections for blogs, ads, new job posts, comments and social media integration. Jobile can be used exclusively as a job portal or job site. It can also be used as a business website with a section for jobs. The widgets and their placement are customizable so one can always toy with a few ideas.

2. Business Leader

Business Leader

Business Leader is one of the simplest of all free job board WordPress themes out there. From the looks of it, you may not think of the template as much but if you observe the simple or clean presentation of posts and how the posts are archived allowing relevant posts to be easily searchable and navigable, then you would find its significance in the category of job portals or classifieds. The theme is simple but you can work on custom logos, headers, images and you can enjoy a responsive website. The Business Leader theme comes with full width parallax header images and that would be on every page, the typography is simple, there is sidebar and footer widgets, the template is retina-ready with high resolution image support and the theme is versatile enough to suit the branding tenor of a company.

3. Classified Ads

Classified Ads

Classified Ads may appear to be more like an ad portal than a job portal but in essence the two are not very different. When you replace promotional or advertising content with job profiles or descriptions, the same classified layout works wonders. At the end of the day, the purpose of a job board is to drive the point home and it must be easy enough for jobseekers to find relevant information and then apply. Classified Ads can achieve that for your organization or firm. The theme is responsive, it allows the content to be in focus and there are ad buttons, background images with myriad colors, headers and hovers, customizable posts and footers.

4. MyKnowledgeBase


MyKnowledgeBase is one of the most well provisioned or rather well designed free job board WordPress themes. If you are a large organization or a recruitment agency catering to many companies then it is likely that you wouldn’t have any one type of opening or just a few jobs. It is absolutely possible that you would have dozens of different companies, scores of jobs and many jobs may seem to be similar but the exact profile or description may be quite different. How would you present such diverse or different jobs on one portal and manage to attend to jobseekers with largely varied resumes? The best way to do so is with a theme like MyKnowledgeBase. Check out the various categories that you can sort your jobs into and how conveniently they are all placed right on the home page wherefrom a visitor can choose to navigate in a relevant way. The layout alone is a reason enough to use this theme. Then there are additional reasons such as responsiveness, a bulletin board, link portal, FAQ section, customizable sidebars and widgets, headers and footers among others.

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