Breakdown of WordPress Powered Websites by Language

Wordpress Language

WordPress Reaches The Big 10

WordPress is a helpful blogging device that many business people and Internet users employ to power their web sites. It was first created and designed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and has quickly become the top open sourced blogging device available to Internet users.

The first copy, or version of WordPress was released ten years ago on May 27,2003. Since then there have been several other versions of the popular blogging device emerge for Internet users to make use of.

As of today, WordPress controls over 66 million Internet sites and is presented in over 120 different languages, with English ranking first, Spanish ranking second and Portuguese ranking third in terms of popularity. And its numbers have only been increasing in terms of the number of Internet sites that WordPress powers across all of the different languages.

However, one language has proved to be the most powerful of all. English has a wide ranking lead over the other languages where WordPress sites are used at 66%. The other languages that are used on WordPress web sites besides English, Spanish and Portuguese include: Indonesian, Italian, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese and Swedish.

The rest of the rankings are closer in range to one another with the English language being the exception. Spanish language WordPress sites rank at 8.7%, while Portuguese language WordPress web sites rank at 6.5%. Indonesian language WordPress web sites rank at 3.5%, while Italian language WordPress web sites rank at 2.0%. German language WordPress web sites rank at 1.8%, while French language WordPress web sites rank at 1.4%. However, Russian and Vietnamese language WordPress web sites both rank at 1.1% and Swedish language WordPress web sites rank at 1.0%.

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Some of the clients that use WordPress include: Gigacom, TechCrunch and CNN. In 2007, the monthly number of page views over all of the WordPress powered websites increased from 186 million to over 4 billion by 2013.

The increase was steady over the years from 2007-2013, with 186 million in 2007, 655 million in 2008, 1.162 billion in 2009, 1.760 billion in 2010, 2.642 billion in 2011, 3.412 billion in 2012 and 4.085 billion in 2013.

WordPress has certainly came a long way from its inception and it would seem that it only increases in popularity as the years pass by, with business people and Internet users employing the blogging device for both personal and professional use.

As for the foreseeable future though, it seems pretty clear that not only is WordPress increasing in use, it is also here to stay and as it increases in popularity it will surely branch out over other languages as well. Before too long, all languages might possibly have WordPress powered web sites.