Content Marketing 101

Content Marketing Statistics

How Do You Make Content Marketing Work For You?

What exactly is content marketing? With sharing content and creating, it should be unique, shareable and engaging. This is because when your customers love it, the search engines also will.

The biggest goals of marketers that are utilizing content marketing should include the following things:

1. 69 percent Brand Awareness. SEO can be enhanced by content. Additionally, it will give your brand a better name and voice.

2. 68 percent Customer Acquisition. Content informs, entertains and will build a relationship with the potential lead.

3. 67 percent Lead Generation. Content is driven by traffic and it also draws potential customers.

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4. 62 percent Loyalty and Retention. Good content is what keeps the customers coming back for more.

Why Do Businesses Need Content?

Content is the ads that customers like to read. 68 percent of customers say that they spend more time reading content from a brand that they are interested in.

90 percent of customers say that they find that company content is useful. 78 percent believe that businesses that provide customized content want to build better relationships with them.

60 percent say that company content helps them to make better decisions about products. 70 percent of customers say that they prefer to get to know a company through articles instead of ads.

There are more brands for your buck here. Marketers say that they had huge increases in traffic online from the following: 45 percent from blogs, 36 percent from video, 32 percent from case studies and 25 percent from webcasts and webinars.

Per dollar spent, content marketing is proven to generate at least three times more leads than traditional marketing. This also costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing. 57 percent of marketers have discovered that they have found new customers through their blogs.

SEO and Content are Synonymous

SEO and content are synonymous. This means that 92 percent of marketers say that creation of content is at least somewhat effective, if not very effective for SEO. 14.6 percent of organic search leads generally do convert to sales, versus 1.7 percent of outbound marketing leads.

How do I get started? The typical company utilizes six to nine forms of content marketing. Here are the most popular tactics:

79 percent social media, 62 percent in person events, 78 percent articles, 51 percent blogs, 55 percent case studies, 41 percent videos, 42 percent webcasts and webinars, 15 percent digital magazines and 21 percent data driven content.

You should always distinguish your content. You need to advise, inform and entertain your readers. You need to identify your target audience. You should establish your company as an expert. You should get creative.

These are just a few tips you need to consider when planning how to make content marketing work for you. Follow these tips and you will be very effective.