Content Marketing for Startups How To Guide

Content Marketing Strategy

Branding And Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has taken on a new position in a media driven world. With more and more areas to market your company’s products or services in and more ways to make your brand stand out from the competition so that you make more money, you might be a bit perplexed about how to accomplish successful content marketing.

Creating Your Plan

Content marketing is just like any other successful business activity. You must develop a plan and work the plan and make changes to your approach as dictated by results.

Define Goals
Your first step is to define goals. State you goals clearly. All goals should be measurable – you should be able to put a number on it that can be used in an analytical tool in your computer or in a packaged software program. If you cannot measure it then you really do not know anything.

Define the Audience
Audience definition is next. The choice of audience depends on your business and product or service. The basic idea is simple – find out what your potential audience is and what they are interested in.

Stay Involved
You should read journals and other periodicals that deal with your business and the clients you can potentially serve and retain with content marketing. Watch the television and listen to radio to get a feel for what you audience wants and what your competition is doing. Attend seminars and trade meetings that are specific to your business and meet new clients. Conduct surveys on line or by mail to get a true feel for what you potential clients want from an organization that provides your type of service or products.

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Once you have done your research and understand what the research is telling you about a content marketing plan you are ready to make a game plan strategy and implement that game plan.

Set Objectives and Deadlines
Take stock of what you already have in place and decide what parts of your present plan are working and which parts you should keep. Assess manpower and define each person’s role in the development and implementation of your content marketing game plan. Every person should have defined objectives with deadlines.

Monitor and Track Progress
Track your entire campaign’s progress with a calendar with deadlines for each phase of the program.

Look at your competition again and rethink your approach so you stand out from the crowd.

Decide on the medium or media you will promote with, your approach, and tactics. You may want to focus strictly on social networking on a single site or you may need to leverage your campaign with multiple sites.

Think SEO

If you do not get SEO then get help from a pro that does. SEO can make or break an internet focused content strategy. Do your public relations. PR may be impersonal to you on the net at first but the same ideas that make PR work face-to-face work on the internet as well.

Once your game plan is up and running for a week look at the results. That’s why you plan to measure. Change your game plan if you are not getting expected return on investment and anticipated increase in traffic and sales. The data you collect should be an indicator of the area you need to change as well as the direction you need to go in with a change.