Expression Engine vs WordPress

There are a variety of articles circulating the Internet comparing and contrasting ExpressionEngine and WordPress. The best way to understand the two websites is to look at what they do best and who they are set up to serve.

Depending on the needs a business or company may have, ExpressionEngine may work better for you. Or WordPress could be better suited to handle your needs. The following is a closer examination of the two sites and how they can help you.

Expression Engine

ExpressionEngine is a great site for businesses that are interested in e-commerce and would like to have the tools at their disposal to handle transactions themselves. When you install ExpressionEngine, an e-commerce module is included. This module is called Simple Commerce and makes selling products much easier, as opposed to WordPress, which is more of a blogger’s paradise.

While all of bells and whistles ExpressionEngine offers for those interested in e-commerce do cost more money, it is a known fact that you have to spend money to make money in any form of business. ExpressionEngine ensures that your money is being spent as wisely as possible.

If you are looking to offer your users exclusive content, ExpressionEngine is ready and willing to help. The owner of a website that uses ExpressionEngine gains access to a helpful membership module. This module grants a website’s owner complete control over how their content is distributed.

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Membership on an ExpressionEngine site can also be set up so that there is a certain level of exclusivity. You can protect your online community so that members feel safe and your content is only able to be viewed by the members who are approved to do so. ExpressionEngine also gives site runners the opportunity to offer their members coaching sessions and training courses.

ExpressionEngine gives their users the tools to build their site from the ground up, with a great deal of room for flexibility and advancement. Having the ability to structure their site any way they want appeals to many website headmasters. With ExpressionEngine, the number of channels you have to display content is unlimited and you can continuously add more.

Need to control more than one EE website at a time? ExpressionEngine gives users an easy to use website manager that allows them to connect associated websites and update them from one central location. For businesses that want to grow their brand and need to update multiple sites easily, ExpressionEngine is the way to go.

ExpressionEngine is widely considered to be more secure than WordPress. ExpressionEngine has not experienced any sort of security breach in at least a decade. While you will pay more for an EE site, the increased amount of security often makes this purchase worthwhile for sites who require the additional peace of mind.

With regular plug in updates, application updates and less vulnerable security, ExpressionEngine is a great site for the business minded site runner who prizes flexibility and exclusivity when building their site.


WordPress, on the other hand, is more suited to the smaller business that wishes to start their own blog and display more of their true personality to their client base. In order to prove themselves to their clients and potential customers, a small business needs to blog. WordPress is custom made for smaller businesses that want to get the word out about their products.

Even the most inexperienced Internet user can easily navigate a WordPress site. Adding new posts and editing old ones has never been made simpler. WordPress also offers a variety of helpful plug ins so that the visitor has a responsive browsing experience, thus increasing the positive word of mouth that the small business receives.

For the small business that wishes to display portfolios on their website, WordPress is a great choice. WordPress makes it very easy to upload photos and to have a rotating gallery of images on your website. WordPress provides their users with a bunch of different themes they can use so they are able to set up their portfolio in the proper manner.

Frugal small business owners also favor WordPress because it is free to set up and to maintain. A small business does not often have a large budget to pay an outlandish sum to set up their website and WordPress caters to this segment of the population with their cheap design themes.

If a website owner needs to shell out for premium themes, the price is extremely reasonable. They will anywhere from $30 to $100 for these themes, which is within the budget of even the most frugal small business owners.

Small business owners are also able to integrate their WordPress website very easily. No matter what you are trying to accomplish on WordPress, there is always a plug in available to you. This gives businesses the chance to start a blog, while also linking to their Facebook page and/or Twitter feed. You may also want to post your photo gallery to Instagram and expose your company to more users.

So as you can see, it is not a question of one website being superior to the other. ExpressionEngine and WordPress each serve a different purpose and depending on the needs of your company or business, each site has features and plug ins that will either provide help in reaching customers or make the process of site building that much easier. Each system is built to meet certain needs, so it’s up to your business to decide which one is best for them.

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