Free Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

Recent studies have shown that as much as 80% of the population online is accessing the internet from some sort of mobile device. That means that there are literally millions of people that are using tablets, phones and other mobile devices to surf, research and purchase off the web.

More and more people are utilizing their mobile devices to search for products and services. A responsive web design is imperative in today’s market. Tablets, phones and even gaming systems are used to surf the internet.

The problem is that many websites are not translating well to mobile devices. Responsive web design means that your site will look the same on any device. Whether guests are surfing from home on their PC’s or they are on the go and using their phones your website will look the same if you use the free mobile friendly WordPress themes that are available.

Using these themes will increase your traffic. You will likely put a lot of work into your website so you do want to be sure that nothing stands in your way of building your audience. Choosing the right responsive theme is the first step in building an audience of committed followers.


Mobile WordPress theme is built with Bootstrap 3. It is a sleek looking theme that offers first front end framework for faster web development. If you want a theme that is not only mobile friendly but also a mobile theme that will easily allow for mobile friendly content then this should be your choice.

Responsive Mobile

Responsive Mobile
Responsive II (codename Responsive Mobile) offers a first grid system that easily adapts any website to be viewed on mobile devices. This responsive theme offers 11 widgets, 6 different template layouts, 4 potential menu areas and so much more. This theme offers easy full content management control. It is a simple but powerful theme that is ideal for commerce or personal use. It is multilingual ready and WooCommerce compatible.

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Dark Elements

Dark Elements
If you want a crisp clean look than Dark Elements is a great option. DarkElements has a basic, minimalistic, uncluttered look that is completely responsive. This mobile friendly theme is a great option for a novice, business or someone that wants to keep the look simple so that the information can be showcased. This theme supports several languages that include Dutch, German, French and Spanish. English is the default language. Navigation and the side bar are on the left side. There are 3 widget areas set in the footer of the page. There is a custom image header. It is a very basic option which can make it a great option for anyone that wants to keep things simple.

What Happens When Your Website is Not Responsive

Anyone that uses a mobile device to access the web can tell you how frustrating it is to try to pull up a site that just looks crazy on their phone or tablet. What happens is they surf away. They do not take a look around, they do not look for more information about the site, they move on to the next site that is easily translated for a mobile audience.

The level of frustration is tremendous for the user when a website looks strange on their mobile device so you lose traffic. Of course WordPress themes that are mobile friendly will get more attention from people that are using their mobile devices.

At one point in time if you had a website you had to have two different websites. You had one for users that were surfing from their computers and you had to have one for people that were surfing from their mobile device. This of course was a time consuming and expensive endeavor but today it is no longer necessary to have two separate sites to reach the widest audience.

Of course even if you put the expense and the time cost to the side having two versions of the same website also reduced search engine ranking because we all know that search engines do not like duplicate content. It was a mess to deal with prior to the easier responsive web design.

Responsive web design has all but done away with the need for two separate versions of the same website but you still need the right tools.

What if You have an Old Theme?

If your site has been up for a while and you do not want to have to undo the work you have done than you can rectify the situation with one of the plug ins that are available that will help you older site transition to a responsive site making it easier for mobile users to view your site.

You can search for a plugin that is available on WordPress that will help you to easily convert your old theme to a much more user friendly theme.

The Traffic

If you plan on monetizing your blog in any way shape or form you need to be able to tap into the mobile audience. It is that simple. When people are looking for products or services on the go and they come across your website if it is not easily translated into a mobile application no one will stick around.

As more and more people are using mobile devices to search for products, services and information it will become more and more necessary to have a responsive theme if you are to build your following and draw in the traffic you hope to get.

If you have an ecommerce site and your theme is not responsive at this point then you need to get one of the plugins from the link above. If you are just starting out then choose one of the many options that are offered to make sure that your website gets noticed.

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