Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Understanding Guest Blogging

Producing Useful Content With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a practice that is used where a single blogger or entrepreneur writes information that will be published on different web sites in the form of a blog post. Blogs that are written by others may also be published by a web site.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

When businesses do guest blogging for other sites that are relevant to their company’s web site, they gain online visibility and increase the traffic to their web site. A number of businesses use guest blogging as a means of increasing their brand awareness and establishing their role as an expert in the industry that their business falls in.

Primary Reasons to Guest Blog

There are three main reasons why companies incorporate guest blogging in their marketing strategy.

1. Build a relationship.
2. Increase brand awareness.
3. Increase search engine rankings.

Process to Guest Blogging

There is a basic process to guest blogging. The steps include the following.

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• Find a list of blogs.
• Prepare a powerful blogging campaign or outreach.
• Write with excellence.
• Include relevant information for the guest.
• Spend time on writing your own author biography.

Where to Start

When finding your list, you need to look and see if the blog accepts guest posts and to use search engine queries in order to find blogs that are relevant to your business.

When searching, it is helpful to replace your keyword with a category word. Also, it is helpful to use synonyms as your keyword or any other word that relates to the category. An example would be: “Keyword” “guest blog.” Make sure to use a tilde in your search because it forces Google to look for all possible synonyms for your term.

When preparing for a powerful blogging campaign or outreach, it is important that first you read the blog, so you know who you are pitching to. Also, you need to suggest ideas for articles that are relevant to your company and its web site, but is also relevant to the target blog.

However, when creating the campaign makes sure you avoid certain mistakes including: not having an online presence, improper greeting, being unsocial, poor writing, spammy link practices and irrelevant pitches.

Then, when you begin writing the content for the blog you need to make sure that it is excellently written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. It also needs to be relevant to both the target blog and your company’s web site.

Companies that have a blog on their web site first before guest blogging on other blog sites, only bring in more positives rather than negatives.

However, there are some mistakes that businesses should avoid when guest blogging, which includes: targeting irrelevant blogs, guest blogging for back links only, low quality content, not engaging readers and not focusing on your own blog.