History Timeline of WordPress Over the Years

History Timeline of WordPress

Celebrating 10 Years Of Excellence With WordPress

Starting from very modest beginnings in 2003 WordPress has evolved into a blogging program which is utilized by millions upon millions of bloggers today. Even Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little had no inclination that WordPress which originally started as an idea to create open source blogging, publishing, and content management system tools will soon dominate online blogging communities and networks. Not only has our life changed over the past decade we have been able to change the lives of every individual or company who uses WordPress to enhance the functionality of their website.

WordPress users include a variety of individuals who utilize WordPress for very distinct purposes. Small Business owners and entrepreneurs use WordPress in addition to large corporations.

Are you a blogger? Are you part of an online blogging community or network? If any of this is true you may have utilized WordPress as a way to improve the quality of your blogging site. Just keep in mind that similar to many other technological advancements and innovations WordPress’s road to success was quite an interesting journey.

If you’re not a blogger no need to worry because WordPress is not only used for blogs. In fact, within the content management system WordPress is responsible for approximately 66% of the market share.

About 66,130,651 people worldwide install WordPress. WordPress features numerous plugins, themes, and widgets which all help to improve the overall quality of your blog or website.

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Let’s take a closer look into the history surrounding the largest open platform for bloggers to display their unique creative potential while communicating with other members of their online community as WordPress celebrates their 10 year anniversary.

In 2004, numerous changes were made and search engines were informed about the new blogging content and tools such as plugin systems. A year later, major improvements were made. WordPress now featured a theme system with a variety of fonts, editing options, and the capability of uploading images.

By 2006, WordPress formulated its first ever WordCamp with 500 attendees. The attendees learned how to utilize WordPress in accordance to their blogging and website needs. Widgets were introduced a year later which improved WordPress sidebars.

As years passed, WordPress experienced drastic changes to their administration interface. With a redesigned interface WordPress was able to track changes that were made to every page. As technological devices became smaller and more prevalent WordPress made posting accessible from just about anywhere.

By 2011, efforts were focused on making WordPress faster and easier for both beginning users as well as tablet users to operate. A year later, customizable themes and the integration of Twitter were placed at the forefront. Now that’s its 2013 the new twenty thirteen theme is coming soon.

Wonder what else WordPress has in store for you in the next few years? Stay tuned for what’s to come!