How do People Make Money Blogging

Ways to Make Money From Blogging

8 Different Methods To Use To Make Money With Your Blog

Blogging is a very useful communication tool. Some of the top ways of earning money off of blogs include: display advertising, in-text advertising, sponsorship, affiliate advertising, premium memberships, and promoting advertiser’s products, selling merchandise and monetizing video content.


When using display advertising, bloggers will be employing a pay-per-click method in which they receive money anytime the link is clicked on.


An example of a pay-per-click program to use is Google’s Adsense. Normally, with this, different elements such as text, images, videos or other interactive tools are typically found at the top and sides of the blog.

In Text

In-text advertising is also a pay-per-click model. With this model, certain keywords that are in the blog content are automatically converted to rollover advertisements. An example of a pay-per-click program to use with this model is Vibrant Media and Kontera. Promoting advertisers’ products also works this way.


Getting sponsorships is also a way to make money off of blogs. For this, advertisers pay the blogger a certain amount to place ads in certain blog posts or to sponsor the entire blog. This type of payment model is a cost-per-mile or CPM. With CPM’s blog owners are paid a certain amount for every thousand imprint of advertisers’ advertisements. An example of a program that uses this model is Etsy.

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With affiliate advertising, blog owners add affiliate links to their blogs that takes them to other online content pages and merchants, including do-it-yourself and automated options.

The payment model for this platform is usually cost per acquisition or CPA. With this method, blog owners are paid a commission on the sales that are created through the links on their blog. Examples with this type of payment model include: Amazon Afilliate Network, Skimlinks and Viglink.

Premium Memberships

Premium memberships are also another way of making money with your blog. With this blog owners charge their subscribers and non-subscribers a fee to view certain areas of their content. Blog owners can choose to charge a one-off fee, monthly fee or annual fee with this model. Examples of companies using this method are Wishlist and Digital Access Pass.

Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise is another great way to make money. With this blog owners sell products on their blogs. The prices are determined by the blogger who makes the products and offers them on their blog. An example of this type of platform is Cafepress.

Monetizing Video Content

Finally, monetizing video content is a great way to make money using your blog. With this, bloggers automatically add a link to a pertinent product to all of the videos on their blog. The payment model for this is CPA, which earns the blogger commissions off of every purchase made by a viewer. An example of this platform is