How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

Be able to work from home is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. You can give up the 8-5 life with the hour long unpaid lunch break, spend more time with your family, and still be able to earn money. Although blogging for money can be a tough gig to break into, there are many who are earning thousands of dollars per month doing so. Content creation is more than 60% of many marketing budgets today and that figure is expected to keep rising.

If you’d like to know how much money you could make from blogging, it all begins with the quality of your writing. Informal writing will not cut it if you’re looking to become a professional blogger. You must have good spelling, perfect grammar, and be willing to go back and fix your mistakes if you turn in an unpolished document.

You Will Likely Build Your Reputation Up Slowly

The bloggers who are making more than $2,000 per month have been doing their job for a while. It isn’t uncommon to be 4 or 5 years into a stay-at-home career as a professional blogger when you talk with the writers who are commanding the best salaries today. Don’t worry if you haven’t found success right away. Everyone at the bottom has to prove their worth and talent at first.

Celebrate The Small Successes

It’s important to have milestones set into place if you’re thinking about becoming a professional blogger. Goals that include the amount of words that you’re willing to write every day or a target daily, weekly, or monthly revenue amount will keep you striving to put yourself out there.

No One Comes Your Way Unless You Receive Some Sort Of Advertising

There is a lot of word-of-mouth advertising in blogging, but to really succeed, you’ve got to start advertising your skills to the general market. When you’re first getting started, that can be a bit difficult to do. That’s why many professional bloggers are joining freelancing websites that can represent and market their skills, just like an agent would in traditional publishing.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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You’ve Got To Have A Business Plan

Becoming an entrepreneur means forming a solid business plan that will help take you to new heights. It might seem pretty basic to become a writer who professionally blogs, but making money also means being smart about your expenses. If you type thousands of words per day, your keyboards are going to wear out. You might need to purchase new computer equipment. Do you need a business broadband account? Some local communities even require you to license your business, even though you’re a stay-at-home blogger with a digital presence and no local customers.

Authenticity Must Come From Every Word You Create

Here’s a secret to knowing how much money you can make from blogging: authenticity. If your words are not authentic, then people who read them aren’t going to believe them. It’s the #1 problem that a professional blogger faces. Writers must work from some sort of personal experience to make their words come alive. If you try to fake it to make it, you might get one-time contracts… but you won’t get any follow-up work.

Take Time To Stretch It Out Every Now And Then

Once your work begins to pick up and you find yourself earning money every day with your words, videos, or graphic images, it can be easy to stay at your preferred working area and just hammer out the content that needs to be created. Over prolonged periods of time, however, working at your computer can cause headaches to develop, neck strains, and even carpal tunnel. Always take time to stretch when you’re working, at least once per hour, so that you can stay healthy and stay earning.

There Are Several Different Writing Styles From Which You Must Be Able To Create

Another catch that gets the professional blogger into trouble from time to time is the style of their writing. Online content catches the eye at first not because there is fresh content to be had that might be interesting, but that the words have been put together in a visually appealing way. You must adapt to all of the bold headlines and italicized print and even underlined words that make online blogging so appealing to the modern content reader to truly succeed.

Do. Your. Research.

What sets apart the good moneymakers from the great moneymakers in professional blogging is research. Even if you’re not an expert in a particular field, by doing a little research and drawing on your personal experiences, you can create an interesting angle for your clients that will make them look like geniuses for hiring you. Research is more than just reading Wikipedia or the local tabloid. Sometimes you’ll be paging through hundreds of technical documents for that one informational gem.

Never Give Up. Never Surrender

There are days when you don’t get any work. This is especially true when you’re first beginning. Instead of taking the day off to spend some quality time with your couch and your favorite shows, take the opportunity to write on behalf of yourself. Start your own blog, update it periodically when you’ve got an off day, and you’ll have a natural reference point for people to see what you can really do.

Above All Else, Don’t Rush Anything

It can be tempting to look at spintax and other content manipulation options when you get duplicate orders from different clients. The question you must ask yourself is this: if you were paying good money to get authentic content from a professional blogger, would you want the same content that another client received, just written in a different way? Or would you like 100% fresh and new content that gives you a niche where you become an internet expert in your chosen field?

Everyone deserves your best effort. That’s the real secret of knowing how much money can be made from blogging. Give it your best, stick to it, and eventually people are going to notice you.