How to Add a Facebook Like Button to WordPress

Facebook is one the largest and most popular social networks sites in the world, with well over a billion users and millions of posts shared daily. Now think of it, if your WordPress site can tap in to those vast numbers, how many visitors can you drive to your site? Facebook made things easier by launching the Like button which enables users to share their the content on the site quickly to advertise their businesses and promote their products and or services.

If you are a website owner, you want to attract more visitors, more touches and more traffic, and no greater way to achieve this than using the Like button on your WordPress website or blog. In this article we’ll discuss the advantages of why you need to add the Like button as well as simple ways of how to add the button to your WordPress site.

Advantages of Adding a Facebook Like Button

Facebook is the world’s leading social networking site, with millions of daily visitors who range from 13 to 77 years. Each of these users has a news feed on their account where they can post, share and view updates from friends. If one users shares something new, all their friends will be notified and reminded.

When you add the Facebook Like button to your WordPress site, you easily promote and market your website to millions of Facebook users. When each reader clicks the “Like” button on your web posts, they automatically share your content on the Facebook wall as well. This means that your pages and posts can constantly get free advertisement to many readers even those who don’t follow your website and in turn attract thousands of visitors to your site.

For instance, if a reader with 600 Facebook friends clicks on the Like button on your web posts, it means all 600 friends will be notified. If they are interested in your content, they will go and view your content, and may Like your post. This means your content will continually spread and attract a huge audience, making arguably the best advertising.

Get Your Facebook Button Added to Site

The following are simple and easy to follow steps on how to add the Facebook Like button your WordPress website, boost your presence and attract more visitors. In general, there are basically two ways to add the Like button to your WordPress site:

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1. Using the default Facebook Like button.
2. Using a WordPress plugin.

Let’s discuss both these methods in greater detail.

Adding the Facebook Like Button to WordPress Directly

Facebook launched the Like button using the (XFBML) at developer pages so users can easily go there and get it. You also have the option to use a configurator in order to customize the style and layout of the Like button.

6 options are available to customize:

  • URL to Like
  • Layout Style
  • Width
  • Color Scheme
  • Font
  • Verb to Display

Once you’ve entered your details, click on the “Get Code’ button and you’ll be able to copy the snipped and paste on your HTML.

In order to have the Facebook Like button displayed in the WordPress side bar, your panel on WordPress, go to Appearance then Widgets, and drag the Text onto the Main Sidebar to the right so as to activate and paste code on it.

If you want to see the Facebook Like button added to all the pages and posts above the screen, go to the theme directory and open header.php. From there, paste the code below the bottom and click save.

If you want to see the Facebook Like button on all the pages and posts at the bottom of the screen, go to the theme directory and open footer.php. From there, past the code onto it and save.

Going to Facebook Directly

Facebook has developed its own set of tools to create the button for WordPress, and this is with the (XFBML). Like previously mentioned, the Like button can be found on the Developer’s page.

1. XFBML has been developed to specifically work on Facebook, and for this it comes with some intriguing whistles and bells, which include real-time reports when a user clicks on the Like button as well as the ability for users to add comments when they click the Like button.

2. Knowing that your code will be accurately entered.

Adding Facebook Like Button on WordPress Using a Plugin

WordPress plugins are made up of codes that have been developed to increase the functionality of a software generated application. The best approach is to check user ratings and documentation of a plugin before you add it onto your website. Also keep in mind that some third-party plugins may limit the customization that you can apply to the location and appearance of your Like button your website.

There are many types of plugins available on WordPress to add a Facebook Like buttons to your pages or posts. Some of these plugins are available at

Like previously mentioned, it is important to first review user ratings and documentation before you select a plugin. Alternatively you can check out some of the best WordPress plugins for adding the Facebook Like button. Here you’ll get detailed reviews from editors, users and developers. Visit your panel on WordPress, go to plugins and Search “Like.” Select the desired plugin, install and save.

Facts About the Facebook Like Button