How to Add a Gallery to WordPress

Having a gallery on WordPress is a good way to store all your images and display them on your different posts. A site with interesting and clear images will grab more attention and increase the amount of traffic to your site.

There are basically two ways of adding a gallery to your WordPress site; manually and through plugins. The manual method normally takes a considerable, something more of a deterrent for anyone looking to get their posts up and running in no time.

1. Go to the page edit screen for your gallery.
2. Select the gallery placeholder image.
3. Click on “Edit Gallery” the icon located on the upper left corner.
4. Upload the image to media library or choose your preferred image from the media library.
5. Insert into the post.
6. Delete the image from the post.
7. Navigate to add media and re-insert the gallery.
8. Move to the gallery link.
9. Click on “show” next to the image you want removed.
10. Remove the image and save your work.

When it comes to plugins on adding a gallery, the most common are NextGEN Gallery, Photo Gallery and Gallery. You can download each of these plugins free of charge for the WordPress Plugin Directory, but a premium paid version is also available if you need greater features and flexibility.

NextGEN Gallery

This is a gallery plugin which can be easily installed into your website. With 10 million downloads, it rates among the most popular plugins ever released by WordPress, and jam-packed with features.

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Despite this plugin commanding a boast of features, it very functional and easy to use. All you do is upload images onto a gallery and assign that gallery to an album of images. For instance, you can create an album for you anniversary and have a gallery for the photos, another for your family’s photos and one for official photos and so on.

You can then directly upload the images from your device or import them from a directory in your domain. The import option is largely useful if you want to upload many images. A gallery modification page enables you to modify settings like gallery description, page the gallery connects to and the gallery name. Tags, descriptions and titles can be added to individual images. You also have the option to rotate images and edit thumbnails.

Upon activation, an icon will appear for NextGEN Gallery in the post editor. By clicking on the icon, you’ll be able to choose which albums and galleries can be placed onto the content area. You also have the option to choose from an image browser, compact album, extended album, tag cloud, image thumbnails and a slideshow. More settings are also available for slideshows and thumbnail galleries.

When all is complete, the outlook will look good. When you click a thumbnail image, the full image will appear. Images can again be changed and modified using keyboard shortcuts or the mouse.


This gallery plugin is easy to use and it allows site owners to add simple galleries to their websites. The plugin uses the WordPress Media Uploader for images. Once your images are uploaded, an option will appear to change the URL, alt tag and title of the image. You can also add a download link so that your viewers can directly download the images to their computers.

The settings page enables you to modify the number of images and size of image thumbnails displayed in a row. You can also enable a slideshow from this particular area as well as outline how images will be arranged.

You directly insert galleries to your pages and posts using short-codes. A default short-code will show all the gallery images in thumbnail format, but there is however another short-code available to display an image with a link to devoted gallery page. The premium version offers different styling options as well as like buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

Photo Gallery

This a very functional and highly advanced photo gallery plugin with so many features, as much as NextGEN Gallery. It comes inclusive of watermark functionality, thumbnail editing tools and an option to play audio when slideshows are showing off images.

This plugin enables site owners to display their image galleries using slideshows, image browser, thumbnails extended or compact album. The premium version also comes with more style modes and better functionality. Each attribute of the gallery can be changed before placing content into the area.

When really separates Photo Gallery from different gallery plugins is that it has the ability to customize each aspect of the themes used to display your gallery. Every type of gallery can be styled and modified in its own different way. Default styling of galleries is limited, but the theme editor offers the option to customize your designs in a variety of unique and amazing ways.

After everything is complete, the final outlook will appear very nice. Visitors to your site can view the images with a lightbox and multiple galleries can also be placed into a single page. Site owners can also insert galleries into their web designs using widgets.

This plugin is a good alternative to using NextGEN Gallery; one plugin that it has largely drawn a lot of motivation from. It supports unlimited albums, galleries and users have the option to tag photos. You can purchase the premium version for about $19.99, and it comes with numerous features.