How to Add a Shopping Cart to WordPress

Whether you sell digital items of physical goods, a shopping cart for your WordPress site is a very simple yet important task. Running an online business can be made much easier by you not being able to worry about how goods are sold and paid for through your website. A WordPress plugin can help you quickly add shopping cart abilities to your site. Many of these shopping cart plugins come inclusive of inventory management as well as other intuitive and functional features necessary to add a shopping cart on your website.

The following is list of the most common and popular plugins you can use to add a shopping cart on your WordPress site.


This plugin offers shopping cart implementation, online payment methods and various other options as well as additional support. WP at its base level is free, although there is a premium upgrade that comes with additional features to the standard version. Users can pay for various add-ons, but the free version comes with limited functionality. For instance, the only payment option that is available for the free version is PayPal. In overall, WP is a highly dependable WordPress plugin for . If you are a site owner mostly concerned with customization then WP may just be worth trying.


WooCommerce has in recent years become one of the most downloaded shopping cart plugins for WordPress sites. And its major selling point lies in its ease of use. New users can have their shopping carts up and running in just under an hour. Although it is a free plugin, it does also have a premium version for users looking for added features. Even when using the free version, it does offer users with some good features like inventory management, creating coupon campaigns, viewing statistics with detailed reports and the ability to accept different payment methods. Rated as one of the most popular plugins, it goes without say why it is, making it a great option for online businesses.


This is a premium plugin that doesn’t come with any free version. It does however cost $19, which is relatively affordable when you consider the number of features it comes with. MarketPress is ideally suited for selling digital items and real items. The plugin can also be integrated with WordPress multisite to create a string of storefronts. MarketPress comes with comprehensive support as well as a great record in issues involving compatibility.

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When it comes to leading shopping carts for WordPress to get, MarketPress is right in there. The premium version gives users a secure plugin necessary for building a shopping cart and selling products through their sites.


Shopp is a free, but with a premium WordPress shopping cart plugin. The single biggest mitigating factor about Shopp is its lack of options for accepting online payments. Regardless the non-availability of payment providers, Shopp comes inclusive of many configuration and customization options to suit user needs.


This plugin is regarded the most expensive WordPress shopping cart plugin in our discussion list. At $149 you can be rest assured to getting what you pay for. The plugin has many shipping and payment gateways and it also offers a complete coupon system necessary to create coupon campaigns. Professional support ensures that you never fall into any issues when using this plugin. If your business is very important to you, and you are looking for a reliable and trusted plugin for secure shopping they you may want to consider Cart66.


YAK is to some level a form of a WP plugin which turns every post into a unique product code. If you run an online retail entity and would like a blog to update you latest products, promotions and so on, the YAK serves a good option. It’s an open source WordPress shopping cart plugin that support different categories and gives your visitors different payment methods.


This simple and easy to use plugin can be integrated into personal blog posts or pages to accept payments easily for products or to request donations. This then allows for every blog post to play the role of its own mini store, when be very beneficial when your blog is shared throughout the world using RSS readers and so on. For site owners who don’t require transformation of their blogs into an online store, the MiniCart plugin will do just that.


this plugin comes with many tools necessary for custom ordering allowing you to extend different sizing and shipping options for your clientele. On the backend, you will also be able to receive basic statistics for buying performance. This plugin supports several payment gateways which include the likes of PayPal and


the osCommerce plugin for WordPress is an easy to use plugin that with existing themes, offering greater functionality. Installation may be greeted with some level of complexity than with many other shopping cart plugins, but integration is very clean and provides a variety of custom options for people who desire greater control and customization for their storefronts. This plugin comes in two modes; the standalone and symbiosis modes.


Before you install any shopping cart plugin for your WordPress site, always perform thorough research on your intended plugin, read star ratings, popularity and so on to get an idea of how other users are responding to that plugin. You will want to make sure that the plugin has the best support available, greater functionality and ease of use. It should also be able to meet your unique needs.

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