How to Add a Slideshow to WordPress

As the web continually becomes more visual, the importance of posting quality images on your website or blog has also become apparent. As a site owner, it only takes a couple of seconds to grab the attention of visitors, and highly interesting and cool images can be a good way to draw visitors. In recent times, the common choice for most WordPress websites is a good slideshow.

For developers cutting-edge slideshows may not be of much interest, but for viewers, especially non-tech savvy ones, slideshows are an effective attention grabber and they do a great job at promoting your content.

To add a slideshow to your WordPress site you need to choose a slideshow plugin that suits your needs, but best believe that this can be a time consuming and tiring process when you consider the numbers to choose from. In this article we’ll discuss some of the most rated, free and most popular WordPress plugins available from its directory. This should serve as great starting point in your search for the perfect slidershow.


The WordPress user community is a pretty honest one. And if they are not happy about a certain plugin, they will always put across their discontent. This is made easier by the voting system on the platform. Bad plugins will receive low star ratings, 1 or 2 at most while the best will hover around 4 to 5 stars.

At the time of this article, Slideshow had only a handful of 1 or 2 star-rating votes, and massive 4 or 5 star-rating votes. These indicate the quality and popularity of this plugin. Let’s discuss why this plugin is highly regarded.

1. You have the option of creating as many slideshows using a mixture of images, text and You Tube videos.
2. It is highly responsive and works on all devices.
3. You have the option to change background styles between dark and light.
4. You can run several slideshows on the same webpage.

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You can get slideshows on your pages easily, much as adding short-code. If you so desire, you directly add php code to your theme or use widgets.

Meteor Slides

If you think of the amount of transitional styles that are available in a single plugin, Meteor Slides as well as its massive 20 options is hard to beat. The plugin comes with a squeaky interface that’s very easy to use.

You can also add slides to pages or posts with short-codes, a php code or in a widget with the Meteor Slides Widget.

Meta Slide

This is yet another popular plugin for slideshows. It comes inclusive of four different slideshow types: Flex Slider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slider and Coin Slider. Each of these can be customized to suit your individual needs.

You have the option to modify colors, dimensions and add captions as well as destination URLs for each image.

Just as with many other slideshow plugins, Meta Slide has highly responsive mobile slideshows. All you do is download, install and save it.

Easing Slider

Easing Slider creates a beautiful looking slideshow by using the , which tends to be somewhat unusual to use. To add on, if you need the slideshow to create more slideshows, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid pro version.

Easing Slider generally has limited customization options which include; slide and fade, next and previous arrows, changing dimensions, automatic playback and pagination icons. This plugin is simple, serves its purpose and can be easily downloaded and installed from WordPress.

Smart Slider 2

Relatively new to the slideshow arena, but this plugin already has 100,000 downloads. You can load the free version that comes with many customization features and options that you otherwise would not see in the free version.

This may seem minor, but allowing users to choose their preferred style of arrows used by the slider is a really nice touch, and one that comes with this plugin. It also goes to show just how much effort the developers of this plugin put in to address the different needs of users using the product.

The can be a little dreading when you view it for the first time, but it is very easy to learn and master as you go along. Within little time, you’ll be able to create nice looking slideshows.

Another interesting feature of this plugin comes with its built-in preview. The slideshow will appear within the area just after clicking the “create” button. This will save you lots of time as you will be able to make modifications and preview them without the need to add short-code to the page.

Cyclone Slider 2

This is a very easy to use slideshow plugin. It comes with a well-developed , with options and features in all of the places you would expect. Your slideshows will be responsive by default, but you can modify settings if you need a fixed width across all your devices. You also have the option of applying various transitions to every image.

It is a very impressive plugin has the ability to generate a preview of the live slideshow in the panel.


This is probably the easiest plugin to use in all of the plugins we’ve discussed in this article. It only takes you just a couple of seconds to build a slideshow and embed into your site. the outcome is relatively beautiful as well. Customization options are fairly limited but you can use CSS to customize it to your needs.

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