How To Blog For Huffington Post

One of the best sites to get posted on is the Huffington Post. It’s read by millions and is one of the Top 100 websites in the entire world. With over 200,000 websites linking in, there’s no better platform for the average person to have a blog post featured. The only trouble is that you can’t just log into the platform and then post material. You’ve got to have content that is approved by the Huffington Post in order to be featured.

To get started, you’re going to need to create content on your own blog. You’ll need a reference point for the editors and the blogging team at HP to examine to see if your content that you want published is new and noteworthy. Above anything else, just make sure to tell your story. When you do that, you’ll get a good response, even if it doesn’t end up with a publication.

You’ll also want to make sure that you follow some of these steps.

1. You Need to Interact

Huffington Post wants to publish people who are engaged with their website. When you’re active on the comment section of posts and encouraging others to comment or visit the site through your own blog, then you’ll give the blogging team at HP another reference to use. By commenting, you’re creating relationships that will generate natural levels of traffic for the site if your blog post becomes featured content.

You don’t have to go crazy and comment on every post and reply to dozens of other comments to get noticed. That might actually be a bad way to get noticed. Just be yourself and comment when it seems right to comment. Offer a fair opinion, stay away from being judgmental, but don’t shy away from a confident statement. The more you can do this, and then the more likely you’ll be noticed before you even decide to take on the next step of the process.

2. You Need a Unique Story

There are millions of blogs out there today that all tell the same kind of story. People have kids who get into trouble. People overcome the odds to do something great. It all just ends up blending into the white noise of the internet and gets lost to everyone except those who are close to the blogger. To stand out so the Huffington Post will want you to blog for them, you need a unique story. You need to fill a niche that will help them specifically target the demographics of your subject.

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Any story can be unique, but it needs to be told in a specific, engaging way. So what if you were able to overcome $10,000 worth of debt in 3 months? Many people can do that if they set their minds to it. So what if you were able to pay off your student loans? That gets done too. You need to share the unique way that you were able to accomplish these things. It needs to be better than ordinary to be featured.

Imagine being able to pay off your debt by moving to a tropical resort. Those details are interesting enough for a click, even if someone doesn’t read the entire article. What about student loans that were paid off by an employer as a work incentive? How did that happen? That’s something that the HP would want to publish because people would want to know.

The problem in life is that so often, we believe our stories are not unique, so we don’t bother to share them. The stay-at-home father who creates a blogging business from nothing but a used computer, a $100 loan, and his own talent is just as interesting as the family that moves to the US Virgin Islands and gets out of debt. It’s how you sell the story that matters. Put in the details that make the story engaging and then be prepared to defend those details.

3. You’ve Got To Sell Your Story

Just because your content is engaging doesn’t mean that people are automatically going to read it. They’ve got to know that you’ve written the content and have a link to that content provided to them in order for them to see it. That means you’ve got to market yourself and bloggers do that every day through social media.

If you want to be able to blog for the Huffington Post, then you’ve got to provide them with a reason to publish you in the first place.

You’ve only got 3 things working for you if you’ve never been published by HP before:

1. The quality of your content, including the details of your story.
2. The quality of your relationship building skills that will market your story.
3. Your ability to write perfect content.

In order to sell your story, you’ve got to summarize it in such a way that makes people want to read it. The stay-at-home father would talk about how he is earning more money from using his computer than he ever did in his career and how he can spend more time with his kids. The family that got out of debt would sell the attractiveness of moving to a warm climate, yet still share the vulnerabilities that occur when you move to somewhere new.

People engage with these stories because they can relate to them. Editors engage with these stories because they know people will relate to them. By selling your story in 4 sentences or less, while making sure you thank people for their time in reviewing your content, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

4. How Do You Write Perfect Content?

If you take a few minutes to go through a section of the Huffington Post, you’ll notice that many of the articles that do get published are written in the same way. They all have titles that are structured similarly, have bullet points in similar places, and have paragraph structures that are fairly equal. Some sections even have adjectives that are similar, like “incredible” or “amazing” or “fantastic.”

Watch one of Gordon Ramsay’s television shows. See how he describes food to people. Those are the adjectives that you’ll find used in these articles.

What makes a guest blog such a great thing to have is that it can be immediately posted without any difficulty. There’s no need to edit the post because it is grammatically correct. It fits into the profile that is already there. The story that the post tells is engaging. That is the perfect content. When you can structure the blog post that you’re submitting to the Huffington Post so that it matches up with the content that is already there, you’ll get a leg up on the competition who is trying to do the same thing that you’re doing.

5. Submit It to the Right Location

The Huffington Post as a generic submission site that allows you to post content for review. The only problem with this is that your formatting doesn’t always copy over in these little submission boxes. Not only is the content that you create important, but so is the way that you structure the content. Without the font modifications that you include in a piece, there are no points of emphasis that can be read by a visitor.

That’s why finding a direct email link to use is so beneficial. Here’s a direct email link to the Huffington Post: It’s for news scoops, but it’s still better than the generic contact page. If you do use the contact page, then keep your submission to less than 1,000 words.

As with anything that is in the literary arena, it takes time to review all of the posts that are submitted. Most manuscripts reviewers require 90 days or more to generate a response to content that has been submitted. You might get a response in a few days from HP, but it could take several months before they get back to you.

They might never get back to you.

Before you send your email to the address above, be sure that you’re ready for a negative response. That might mean that you get an outright rejection, but more often than not, it means that you’re actually going to get no response at all.

Some Bonus Tips To Consider:

• Just be yourself. The key to being a blogger for HP is that you are authentic. Without authenticity, you have nothing.
• Don’t be afraid to pitch stories. When you’re a blogger for Huffington Post, you can pitch stories every day. Take that philosophy if you’re trying to get noticed.
• Polish it up. Don’t submit anything until it’s ready to go.
• Don’t rush it. It may take some time to create something that works well for this site to use. Take your time and do it right the first time. That means crafting content that is well researched, informative, and engaging. Some authors spend months on just one post.

Getting published on Huffington Post can turn a writing hobby into a writing career. Use these tips to craft your submissions and you may just find yourself getting a positive response.