How To Create A Google Blog

There are a number of free blogging websites that are available today, but Google still provides one of the best platforms. You can easily modify the coding of the blog to make it your own, include new templates for added visual flair, and it can all be done for free. If you know how to start a Google blog, then you know how to reach the rest of the world with the information or stories that you wish to share.

Getting started is really easy. The first step is to visit the Blogger home page. You’ll need to enter your Google username and password to log into the Blogger platform. If you have a Google Plus or Gmail account, then you have an account already. If you do not, however, you’ll need to create an account before proceeding. Then you’ll just need to follow these specific steps.

Click the Create a Blog Link

Since this is your first Google blog, you won’t be asked which blog you want to visit. You’ll instead be invited to create a blog through a very prominent link that is on your screen. Click that link.

Create Your Blog Name

Your next going to be asked for your blog title and the URL address that you want for your new site. You’ll want to pick a title that is catchy and memorable, but still pretty easy to remember. The title of your blog should also become the URL address for it so that people can remember how to reach your site in the future.

Please note: If you are starting a free Google blog, then you are not going to receive a dedicated domain to blog on. You’ll be receiving a “.blogspot” domain instead. This means your website will be []. If you have a domain you own, however, you can transfer it to Google and have it be directed to your blog if that is your preference. Google also allows people to purchase their own domains for a relatively affordable price from the creation screens.

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Add Information So That You Have A Personal Profile

Although authorship isn’t necessarily a key component of SEO and indexing these days, it can be for Google blogs since this is the search engine’s blogging platform. Make sure that you add personal information to your profile so that you share a little about your experience and expertise. Don’t include your phone number or direct address, of course, but do include a little bit about yourself.

You’ll Be Taken To Your Dashboard Next

From your dashboard, you can do a number of things with your brand new Google blog.

Overview. This option allows you to see all of your blogs that are currently assigned to your account or a total overview of the stats that belong to your current blog.
Posts. Clicking here will allow you to compose a new post for your blog.
Pages. Google allows you to create multiple static pages for your new blog. These become part of the menu that is available to visitors. If you’re blogging about food, for example, you might create a static page about “Fresh Ingredients.”
Comments. If your blog has generated a lot of comments, then you can access them from this link.

You’ll also be able to share your posts with Google Plus very easily, see what your blog’s stats happen to be, and what your earnings have been with the blog. The earnings page works with a Google Adwords account and requires you to design a layout that includes advertising.

Choose The Layout of Your Blog

With a new Google blog, it is important to create a fresh layout that is easy to read. Many blogs are one or two column because these are the easiest blogs to read. The human eye is naturally drawn to the left or the right, so the content is absorbed much more easily with this design. Some bloggers try to create a 3 column blog to include advertising on both side columns, but this is generally a mistake Many visitors will be turned off by this setup.

Add Some Customization To Your Blog

One of the options that you have with a Google blog is customization. There are two ways that you can make your blog be more your own. The first is to choose one of Google’s standard customization templates. If you do this, then everything will be automatically populated to your blog and you won’t have to do anything. You simply choose the template you want and let Google do the work.

You’ve also got the option to edit the HTML of your blog. This allows you to do a number of things, like changing the fonts that are being used, the colors of your website, or even the inclusion of a jQuery slider if you want. You can also copy other templates from private designed and then paste the entirety of that template into this section if you prefer.

Make Sure To Add Gadgets That Make Sense

While WordPress has plugins, Google has gadgets. Some of them will make sense for your blog, such as the +1 button that can be added. Adding Google badges or language translation are also pretty standard options, as is the inclusion of social media sharing buttons. As long as the gadget integrates well into your template and is useable, then it is something that should be considered.

Do You Want Your Blog To Be Private?

By default, your new Google blog is going to be a public blog. You do, however, have the option of creating a private blog that only certain people can read. You can also allow others to write for the blog if you want by sending them an email invitation. These invited authors will log into their Blogger account and see your new blog on their list.

Starting a Google blog is easy to do. It takes just a few minutes and you’ll have a meaningful, free platform that you can use to make money or share your creativity.

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