How To Create A Tumblr Blog

One of the most exciting blogging platforms that combines social networking aspects is Tumblr. With a Tumblr blog, you gain access to a newsfeed that is a lot like Facebook, but instead of status updates, you’re getting blog posts, fun graphics, and stunning imagery that suits your fancy. You build up followers, start following other blogs, and engage with people on a unique platform.

Tumblr is the best blogging platform if you want to use rich media. You don’t need to know coding at all to include it with your content. You simply upload the items you wish to use from your dashboard and post it. It’s simple, highly capable, and best of all, it’s also free. It takes just 30 seconds to join and get started.

As With Any Site, You’ll Need an Account

To get started on Tumblr with a Tumbleblog, you’ll need to create a new account if you don’t have one already. You just need to have your email address and a password to get started. For your first blog, which is your primary blog on Tumblr, you’ll also be asked for the URL address that you want to use. This will create a website for you.

It is also possible to assign a dedicated domain to your Tumblr blog if you prefer. On Tumblr, titles that are a bit witty, short, and simple to remember will generally perform the best. Once you’ve finished the setup process, Tumblr is going to take you to your Dashboard, which is filled with some posts from Tumblr so you can get the feel of what the platform is like.

The next step that this platform is going to ask you to take is to upload a photograph of yourself. You’ll want to click the photo icon to get started. You’ll be able to directly upload a photo from your computer and then give it a caption if you wish. Tumblr has a 10 MB limit on photo size, so extra large photos can be used through a URL instead of a direct upload. PNG, GIF, BMP, and JPEG formats are all accepted by Tumblr.

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You’ll Want to Customize Your Blog Immediately

What makes Tumblr such an attractive platform is that it is orientated to youthful thinkers. Teens are the most common age demographic that can be found here and there isn’t as much advertising that you’ll encounter through sponsored posts and tweets and everything else companies use to get you to buy stuff. This also means that they can be a bit impatient if you delay setting up your blog, so you’ll want to take care of the customization right away.

You’ll see an icon that looks like a gear up in the top right, just above your Dashboard. Click on it. This will give you an overview of your account. You’ll be able to see your username, your Tumblr URL, and how people can interact with you. Adjust these settings as you feel comfortable. Everything automatically populates, so don’t click the button at the bottom of the screen. That will delete your account!

Now you’re ready to begin editing the theme you have. Click the Edit Theme button that is near the top of the page, just underneath your Tumblr URL. You’ll be taken to an editing screen that will allow you to make some quick edits to your blog to make it look nice. The first step is to create the title for your blog. This should be reflective of the URL address that was chosen.

What To You Have To Say?

The next step is to create a description for your new blog. The description may or may not be added to the actual content of the blog – it depends on the them that you’ll select. Write the description of your blog out first, kind of like your mission statement for starting a Tumbleblog, and keep it to a sentence or two. Then you’ll be ready to browse themes.

What’s nice about Tumblr is that you’ll have access to dozens of unique themes that are completely free. They’ll make your blog look nice when people access the site directly. Sometimes people will just read and interact with your content from the Dashboard, but a good looking theme will draw more visitors to your site over time.

Based on the them you’ve chosen, there are a number of additional free customization options of which you can take advantage. You can include a background photo that sits behind all of your blog posts. You can include a logo if you wish and change the background colors of some templates. You can also change the text colors, the container, and there is a bevy of other customization options that are too numerous to name with great detail. Go through each option, design the blog so that it looks pretty awesome, and then go from there.

What Could You Discover on Tumblr?

As long as you’re creating interesting content and interacting with people on a regular basis, you’ll create a strong following on Tumblr. The posts that you create can be shared on other social networks and you’ve even got the option of automatically sharing posts over on Facebook if you wish. You’ll make new friends, explore new blogs, and have a good time creating fun content.

One tip about Tumblr: many people on this platform have strong opinions. It is not uncommon to have your posts reblogged with a critical comment. Don’t be afraid to enter into discussions with people to talk about your side of the equation. Everyone who follows you will be able to see your responses, why you chose to respond, you might just find some likes headed your way.

Even if you do not, you might just get someone to think. That’s what a good Tumbleblog is all about – starting the creativity process. Kickstart your creativity today on Tumblr and you won’t regret that decision.

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