How to Create Your Own Content Management System

Driving Sales with Content Marketing

Content Can Drive Sales Focused Engagement

The top go to market priority in 2013 is content marketing. A survey asked what the top external social strategy objective was in 2013. Here are the responses:

Content marketing is at 57 percent. Developing a long term engagement and dialogue with customers is at 50 percent. Listening and learning from customers is at 41 percent. Providing direct customer support through different social channels is at 32 percent. Developing an influencer relations or an ambassador program is at 27 percent. Website integration is at 25 percent.

Marketing with Content

Marketing the ensemble and plotting the content is vital. The following is an evolving overview of content formats and channels.

On the paid spectrum, there is radio, print, social advertising, TV, native advertising and mobile advertising. On the owned side of things, there is websites, print, blogs, micro sites, digital media centers, communities, emails, press rooms, online training, webinars, mobile, physical and virtual events.

With earned things, there is Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Wikis, Q & A sites, review sites, media mentions and other third party communities.

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With text, there is short form which includes: articles, how to’s, web and email copies, Q & A’s, newsletters, testimonials and press releases. In the long form section, there is white papers, eBooks, case studies, guides, playbacks and directories. In the micro forms, there are Tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments.

With graphics, there are graphic illustrations such as frameworks, infographics and data. There are also slide presentations, GIFs and photos.

With audiovisual stimuli, there are video and live video such as video demos, interviews and narratives. There are also podcasts and webinars. Additionally, there are apps and games.

The Role of Content Management

Where exactly does content live inside the enterprise? Fragmentation tends to be the current norm. This means you should consider how major brands allocate certain responsibilities. Enterprise wide, there are corporate communications and PR. Then there are the marketing, the website, the customer service and the human resources sectors.

So how exactly do companies actually go about organizing there content for marketing? Altimeter Group has explored this topic by identifying the following enterprise models that govern the orchestration of content within a organization. This ensures the content is created in harmony.

First, there is the content department or division. Second, there is the content center of excellence. Third, there is the cross functional content chief. Fourth, there is the editorial board or content council. Fifth, there is the content lead and sixth there is the executive steering committee.

All of these elements factor into content marketing. The trick is to identify and analyze each and every sector in order to fully understand and utilize them. These factors should all be considered on a day to day basis in the work place.