How To Get Ads On Your Blog

One of the easiest ways to start earning money with your blog is to put advertising onto it. If you want to know how to get ads on your blog, then the first thing you need to do is set up an advertising account somewhere. Google AdWords is often a first choice, but there are a number of additional options available to you as well. From there, you simply design your blog in such a way that it can accept the type of advertising you want.

You’ve got three basic options for advertising in a traditional, click-thru sense:

1. Banner ads will be at the header or the footer generally, though sometimes sidebar advertising with a banner can be effective.

2. In-post advertising will include paid links that are similar to hyperlinks that readers can click on for more information.

3. Line-based advertising combines these two above options for a separate advertising area, but with text links instead of graphics being displayed.

The best blogs tend to perform well with all three versions being included in a way that doesn’t really interfere too much with the content. Your choices, however, don’t just stop there. You can earn money from ads in a variety of other ways as well.

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Become an Affiliate

One of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash is to become an affiliate of a product or program. You need to choose a program that makes sense for your blog, however, because otherwise you’ll confuse people and that’s a fast path toward earning nothing. If you are blogging about butterflies, don’t try to sell food products or lawn mowers. Offer visitors a program that would help them care for and then release their own butterflies instead.

Advertise for Sales

Instead of advertising for clicks or impressions, you can choose to advertise for sales instead. There are some affiliate programs that will give you free banner advertising and links to include in your content. You won’t get paid for the impressions that you generate, but you will get paid for any sales that your links generate. The best programs install a cookie onto a computer browser that goes through your link to a product. If a customer doesn’t buy at first, but comes back later and buys, then this will give you credit for the sale.

Sell Your Own Space

The most lucrative advertising that you can ever do is through advertising that you sell independently. Independent advertising lets you cash-in on 100% of the revenues that your website space can generate. Unless you’re a famous personality or have a globally recognized brand name right now, however, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to be able to do this at first. You’ll need to work on building traffic to your website so that you can prove to people that you have an advertising base that has value. Once you do that, then you’ll have companies begging you for some advertising space.

Create Advertising Content

Instead of waiting for advertising to come to you, go to the advertising instead. You can do this by creating blog posts that are specifically designed to provide valuable information about a specific product or service. You can then take this content and turn it into a pitch to those that have created the product or service to show them how effective your content can be. Including traffic and social sharing stats is a good thing during this process as well.

Think About Amazon

Some of the most successful bloggers today only sell products that they have found on Amazon. You can sell virtually any product on Amazon and receive a commission when your links are used to access a product. The key to a successful Amazon selling experience is to pick products that are highly rated and make sense for the subject of your blog. If you talk about repairing appliances, then selling tools for appliance repair or specific appliances that are highly rated makes sense. If you talk about how to cook healthy foods and you’re trying to sell washing machines, you won’t generally find as much success.

Look At Your Coding

One of the biggest reasons why blog advertising fails is because the advertising isn’t properly coded. It’s the coding of the advertising that will bring you a sale. You’ll need to make sure that the link you are copying and then pasting into your blog’s formatting or template will link back to your advertising account. You’ll also need to make sure that your account is active with the advertising company and that the link will auto-update information. When a visitor clicks and ad and gets a 404 error, everyone loses.

What Are the Limits?

Many advertising programs have high payment minimums. This means you’ll need to generate $100 or more in advertising revenues before you’ll see a payday. That’s a lot of impressions or clicks, if that’s the kind of advertising you’re thinking about including. Affiliate programs can pay a lot more, but they also require a sale to occur for you to get paid. Find programs with lower limits if at all possible that work with your blog so you can get paid more often.

Check Your Rights

One of the most common legal problems people face are usage rights. The instant you put advertising on your blog, it becomes a commercial venture. This means there are many images, graphics, and icons that suddenly don’t work for you because they have non-commercial use privileges. If you use items that don’t have commercial rights associated with them, then you can be issued a cease and desist order or even face potential litigation.

Knowing how to get ads on a blog is the easiest part of the process. It’s making your advertising ventures successful that is the biggest part of the challenge. Use these options to maximize your blog’s incoming revenue and you’ll create the potential for passive income to be generated around the clock thanks to your original content.

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