How To Get Content For Your Blog

The biggest issue that faces blog owners today is the creation of new content. Creating content takes time. For the average person, writing 500 words of content in an hour is a good pace. Professional writers consider 1000 words in our pretty steady pace. If you’re trying to update your blog once per day articles that are 1000 words each, then you could be spending four hours per day writing content.

That’s four hours per day that you could actually be making money.

There are a lot of ways that you can stop wasting your time trying to create expert content. Here are some of the best ways that today’s top bloggers are generating fresh content on a daily basis without spending a lot of time or money in order to do it.

1. Think About Investing Into Content

Nearly 70% of businesses today are spending a majority of their advertising budgets on content marketing. Why is so much money being spent on words? Because genuinely good writers are difficult to find today. The average person might skim through content and write in SMS text abbreviations, but when they want good, solid information, they want content that is perfectly structured and grammatically correct. It might be a “do as I say and not as I do” philosophy, but that is why a professional writer can help you out immediately.

2. Invest Into Voice Recognition Software

What makes content for your blog engaging is its conversational tone. It is remarkably difficult to write in this kind of tone. When you have this recognition software that can dictate content into your word processing software, obtaining that conversational tone becomes much easier. Instead of being an article, you’re writing a conversation. What does a conversation naturally do? It establishes the foundation of a relationship with the other person involved.

3. Offer Guests Writing Possibilities For Your Blog

If you don’t have time to create content for your blog, then maybe someone you know does. Maybe someone in your industry does. Don’t want to open up your blog to your direct competition but creating relationships within the same industry makes a lot of sense. You already share a lot of the same readers, customers, and prospects. When you also share website space, then the relationship that you’re able to build in a B2B fashion will translate into a B2C relationship with your new readers.

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4. Knuckle Down and Do It

Sometimes you just have to staple your pants to your uncomfortable office chair that you probably spend a little too much time in already and just knock out the content.

5. Your Blog’s Content Doesn’t Always Have To Be In The Form Of Tax Posts

Long form content might be SEO friendly, but it is not always user friendly. Unless there is a direct interest in the subject, the average website visitor is not going to read 1500 words of content. They will pick and choose through skimming the content and then ignore what holds no interest. That’s why creating fresh graphics with important content points that can be read in 30 seconds or less is just as effective as creating content that is in the long form. If you are tired of writing, then try creating an infographic or two.

6. Take Advantage of the Fair Usage Rights That Are Associated with Copyrighted Content

Did you know that you can use 1 to 2 paragraphs of virtually any content on the Internet today create your own post? It is completely legal. What you must do, however, is create a direct link back to the original content that was posted. For many blogs, this is a win/win opportunity. Not only do you funnel information in a legal fashion, but you get extra website hits to your own blog too.

7. Share Your Opinion Freely

The opinions that you have on any given subject matter. Some people are going to agree with you and feel validated. Others are going to disagree with you and feel contentious. Both groups of people in your audience are going to click on your links and read your content. That’s why sharing your opinion is so important. Not only is your opinion 100% original and yours, so that you can never be accused of plagiarism, but it creates the foundation of an ongoing conversation. That’s what you need to get repeat readers and eventually revenues coming from your blog.

8. Look At Freelance Websites When You’re Stuck In A Corner

There are a number of websites that offer freelance services that you can take advantage of for your blog. There are some incredible freelance writers that are available right now that could bust out a good piece of content for your blog for a fair price. All you’ve got to do is proofread the quality of the content and pay the writer. In return, you get content that is 100% yours that you can distribute commercially without any attribution.

9. Spintax Is An Option, But It’s Not Necessarily A Good Option

There are software programs available today that will allow you to take content that is on the Internet and spin it so that it says the same things, but in a different way. Between 2011-2013, this was a top method of creating immediate SEO results. Starting in 2014, Google placed an extra emphasis on having 100% original content that could not be scraped and spun from any other website. If you’re in a jam, then this is an option. Use it at your own risk because you might find your website penalized for it.

10. Let Your Readers Provide You With An Inspiration

Once you get your blog up and running, your readers can provide you with the majority of your content if you let them. You’ve got to do it in a way that still provides everyone who visits your blog with value. Some blogs share user photographs. Other blogs share opinions that are often in the comment section. The beauty of this method of content generation is that there really isn’t a limit to what can be provided. Just make sure you screen the content for accuracy so that you don’t end up looking like a fool because a troll got the best of you.

11. Pillar Content To Stand Up To The Test Of Time

Sometimes the philosophy of “more is better” does not apply to the world of content. If you want to know how to get content for your blog, then one of the best you can do is to work on creating pillar content. Pillar content is information that will stand up to the tests of time. It will be as valid two years from now as it is today in regards to the value it can provide a reader. This content ranks highly, is shared most often, and when it is frequently updated when information within it changes, limits the amount of work that you actually have to do.

12. Translate Foreign Content So That It Becomes Fresh And New Content For You

There is a lot of content that is uploaded to the Internet today in foreign languages. One of the easiest ways to create new content when you got a creative block is to access the foreign-language website in a niche that is similar to your own and push the Google translate button on your Chrome browser. It won’t be a perfect translation. It is an opportunity to create a better translation and best of all, you’ll likely get a link from the original content to your content because you took the effort spread the original content further. Just remember to provide a link to the original content in your translation to avoid any accusations of plagiarism.

13. Get Onto A Creation Schedule That Works For You

This is the most important piece of advice of all. You don’t have to publish new content three times per day to get high levels of traffic on your blog. Some of the best blogs in the world today publish articles 2 or 3 times per month. For the average blogger, this translates into about six hours of work per month. As long as you stick to your creation schedule for content, readers will come to read what you have created.

14. Videos Work Too

Written content might still be king, but that would make video content royalty as well. The younger generation that is online right now tends to engage more in video content then it does written content. It’s all about the perception of time. Watching three minutes of video information that is high-quality and engaging provides a perceived time savings the three minutes that is spent absorbing 500 words of content that is written. It also provides another opportunity which the foundation of a relationship. When a website visitor sees your blog and sees you providing information directly in a video format, if they can relate to the information you are providing, then they will feel an instant connection with you.

Content comes in many forms. The most common form is the written word, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Use these 14 tips to your advantage so that you can always have 100% fresh and engaging content on your blog. If you do, then you will create a lot of excitement.

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