How To Get People To Read Your Blog

Millions of people update their blogs every day. Many of them do it as a modern form of journaling. They don’t really care if anyone reads their posts are not. For the Internet marketer, however, it is vitally important to get people to read their blog. If there are no readers, then there is no source of income that can be achieved. Simply putting a blog onto the Internet is not good enough to get the kind of traffic that can make money.

In short, the only way to get people to read your blog is to get them to know about you and want to hear or read what you have to say. There are some proven methods to help generate extra traffic that can continue to build time so that a blog has an extensive following. Here are some of the best methods that can help you start generating the traffic that you believe your blog deserves.

1. Find a Specific Niche

The most important thing you can do as a blog owner is to find a specific niche where your an expert. The Internet is full of blogs that just ramble on about personal opinion and conspiracy theories. The Internet is sorely lacking in blogs that offer truly expert advice. Conspiracy theory only hold so much value. Expert advice can hold a continuing value for a reader. When there is continuing value experienced, not only will that visitor come back time and time again… but they’ll tell all their friends about how awesome blog happens to be.

2. Be Consistent in What You Do

Running a blog is a lot like running a business. You have to have a solid and concise plan that you’re willing to stick to no matter what. This means that you will need to update content regularly people to be interested in what you have to say. Some blog owners choose to update their blogs multiple times per day. Others only update their blogs once or twice per week. Both options are fine. Your readers will adapt to your schedule. You’ve just got to stick to it.

3. Keep it Original 100% of Time

In a desperate quest for new content, a blog owner might decide to copy and paste content that came from a different blog. To avoid accusations of plagiarism, a smart blog owner might use a spintax program that will change the adjectives and wording of copied content so that it appears original. Here’s the problem: the modern blog reader is smart and savvy. They know when you’re trying to make it and when you’re trying to fake it. Keep everything 100% original on your blog and you will be able to grow a solid base of readers.

4. Focus on the User Experience

The biggest problem that blogs face today is that they are about the blog owner and not about the blog reader. What this does the reader is that it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. They find the information to be egotistical and self-centered. This means that they find no value any information whatsoever. If you use your content to solve problems for those who are reading your blog, you’ll have already won half of the battle war to bring traffic to your blog instead of a competitors blog.

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5. Make Everyone Become Your Best Friend

Even though most blogs provide information for free, the average reader is to interview the blog as a business opportunity. This means that the average blog reader is looking to establish a relationship with the person who is behind the blog. The only way that this can be done is to engage each reader as if they are your best friend. There are number of ways that this can be accomplished. The most popular method is to have conversations with people on a preferred social network, like Facebook or Twitter. Email marketing lists, postal mailers, and contests are also the relationship builders that can be used.

6. Stop a Headache Before it Begins

Have you ever noticed how some blogs are almost impossible to read? The biggest issue that causes readers to bounce away from a blog that they like is that the actual text the webpage in front of them is too difficult to read. There’s a reason why computer word processing software use a white background with black text as its default. This method of screen reading is the easiest on the human eye. Even reversing at, going with a black background and white text, is enough to cause a headache and a high bounce rate.

7. Don’t Add Too Much Stuff

Nothing is more frustrating than to click on a link that seems to have formation, only to discover that you have to wait through several dozen advertising pop-ups and email subscription notifications to get to that information. Most readers will allow for one or maybe two advertising solicitations before they’ll give up and go somewhere else. If you can afford to do it, let your ad be completely blog free. That’s a sure-fire way to get people instantly attracted to what you have to say.

8. Make Sure Your Blog is Completely Optimized

Search engines look for some specific thing when it comes to the quality of information that is the provided. The content has to be of a certain length. Your content has to be completely fresh. It has to be free of grammatical errors, spelling issues, and everything else that would turn the average reader away from your blog. Focusing on specific keywords that relate to your subject matter and then crafting formative content around those keywords will take you further than you could ever believe.

9. Find the Long Tail and Stick With It

The future of the automation is in longtail keywords. Longtail keywords are phrases which are five words or more that users put into a search engine like Google. Think of it like a sentence. How would you summarize the content of your blog? Put that research and summarization together into a tool like Jaxxy. You’ll know which additional keywords to add to your content, which keywords are probably underperforming, and you’ll get immediate ideas that can help you know how to get people to read your blog.

10. Keep Track Links That Are Coming Into Your Blog

Invalid links that are incoming to your blog can penalize you more than you might believe. In 2014, not every back link is a good back link. Every incoming link to see what kind of website wants to associate with your content. If you find a website is just copying and pasting the content of others, then you don’t want to be associated with that. Google may actually penalize the rankings of your blog so that no one else can read it. Contact website owners and ask them to take down links that you determine will not be valuable. If they won’t take down the links, you can disassociate your website from those links directly.

11. Bring In Other Experts to Share Their Knowledge

The quality of your own relationships as a direct reflection on the quality of the content through the eyes of each reader. Having high quality guest post on your blog is just as important as having 100% fresh and original content. Here’s the good news: there are lots of blog owners out there who will provide you with fresh content and for payment, all they’ll ask you for the link back to their own website. That’s a pretty good deal. It’s okay to ask major players in the bloggersphere for guest content. The worst they can do is say no.

12. Make It As Easy For Your Reader As Possible

Nothing irritates a blog reader more than going to a favorite blog only to find that there is no new content that is posted. That’s why having some form of a subscription service or notification service to tell your dedicated readers that new content has been posted is necessary for the modern blog. People won’t feel like they have to waste their time seeing if you have posted contents or not. They’ll get notifications of new content and then be able to access the website directly when they have a few moments to make.

13. Failure Is Not An Option

The #1 reason why bloggers give up on their blog because they just quit. Instant success very rarely happens on the Internet today. Even blogs that go viral have a difficulty in maintaining that high level of readership over the course of 90 days. It’s one thing to give up on a blog when it receives 100 hits a month for 12 straight months. If you are seeing steady and consistent growth, then you are doing something right. Give your blog time to mature. The older it gets and the more information you can provide, the stronger your core readers are going to be. You’ll get there eventually. You’ll never get there, however, if you give up soon.

If you want to know how to get people to read your blog, then these ideas are great place to start. It is going to take some hard work. Over time, that hard work will pay off.

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