How To Get Sponsors For Your Blog

Writing on a blog to make money can be very difficult. Not only do you need to build traffic up for your blog but you have to have moneymaking scenarios that integrate seamlessly with your content that will confuse the reader. Becoming a Starbucks affiliate for a blog that talks about making floating patios doesn’t make a lot of sense. Unfortunately that is why many bloggers don’t make money. They seek out money sources and sponsors that have no affiliation with the content that is being published.

If you want to be able to get sponsors for your blog, the first thing that you need to do is look locally. Most businesses want to put their money into a local blog because local dollars spend more. Money that stays in the community is money that can thrive and grow. If you live in Alabama and you’re seeking out money from Transylvania, then you’re probably going to be in trouble. Here are some more ideas that can help you get sponsors for your blog that can keep you in the black instead of red.

Go Where the Money Is

Not every business is going to be able to sponsor your blog. You’ve got to know where the money is and go there to get the cash needs to be blogging full time. That means building relationships. Just calling up a business and asking them if they have money in their marketing budget for a blog is not good enough. You need to establish a working relationship that will make that business want to sponsor you.

Make It Easy

Businesses today want to get the most for their block when it comes to their sponsorships. Unless your blog is raking in millions of visitors every day and doesn’t have a title sponsor, you’re not going to get anyone to give you a ton of cash for your blog. You’ve got to be able to break it down for them. Create specific content that a local business is going to want to sponsor. Show them this content. Offer to give them results are two or three days with a free title sponsorship on that blog post. If you can give them direct results, then you’ll get direct sponsorships.

Build Before You Reach

A classic rookie mistake blogging is to reach out to businesses before a blog has become established. 99% of bloggers are desperate for money. This desperation can fuel incredible content generation, but what it usually does fuel content that reeks of this desperation. Who wants to pay $100 for a blog post sponsorship that is basically begging others for money? No one. You’ve got to build content that you yourself would want to sponsor before you can expect any business to want to sponsor you.

Affiliate Work Pays

Don’t be afraid to incorporate affiliate work to your blog content. When affiliate work is done correctly, it can pay off with a lot of cash. The problem is that blog owners are so desperate for that cash that they forget the #1 rule of blogging: put the reader first. Affiliations must make sense. Selling web hosting products, tattoo stencils, and boxes of tea won’t get you many places. Focus on one popular product first. Then add products that can complement this popular product spans your revenue lines.

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Go Old School

The Internet might be global, but most of the money that comes from the Internet is local. There are a rare few bloggers who can get international sponsors for their blog and never set foot in their community to advertise. This is more rare than you might believe. It is the exception, not the rule. Get people to know about your blog locally, market yourself locally using traditional media products, including press releases, and eventually you will get the local attention that you need to generate success. Distributing flyers in your local neighborhood will often pay off more than distributing emails to foreign investors that you’ve never met.

Tell Your Story

In order for people to want to sponsor you, they need to know your story. Way too many bloggers attempt to be something that they are not. The Internet makes this a tempting proposition. You can basically be anyone you want to be on the Internet because it is difficult to refute claims. You might be able to fake your way into some sponsorship dollars with a good fictional story, but real wealth only comes from authenticity.

Work At It

If you treat blog like a part-time job or a hobby, then it is going to pay like a part-time job for a hobby. If you really want to have sponsors for your blog, then you’ve got to make it a full-time job. This can be difficult sometimes because many bloggers are already working full-time for another employer. There is a direct correlation to the amount of hours that you spend marketing yourself to the amount of money that you can earn through sponsorships. If you expect money to just fall into your lap, then the next blog sponsorship is going to go to your competitor.

Be a Force For Change

When a sponsor decides to sign on with your blog, your reputation becomes their reputation. If you don’t have a good reputation, then you aren’t going to get any blog sponsors. This is why it is critically important to get involved with charitable causes. You don’t get involved Sharon for about how much good you are able to do or how much money you are able to donate. You get involved because it is the right thing to do. When potential blog sponsors see that you’re willing to do the right thing, and you’re not worried about getting credit for doing the right thing, that extra level of integrity is often enough to push them towards giving you a little extra cash for sponsorship.

Keep It To Yourself

You’ve been trying and trying to get a blog sponsor and you just can’t get one, then there’s a good chance that there is a problem with your attitude. Think about what your content actually your readers. Are you calling people out consistently because of their actions? Do you condemn certain demographics of people for the choices that they seem to make? Instead of providing valuable information, are you using your blog posts as an opportunity to just grind your gears? You answered yes to any of these three questions, then most blog sponsors with money to spend aren’t going to want to be associated with you.

Always Follow Up

There’s a good chance that the level of blog sponsorships would double if blog owners simply follow-up more than once or twice with a potential prospect. We give up far too easily today. When someone tells us that they are not interested, we just move on to the next prospect. When someone tells you that they are not interested, this is critical feedback. Follow-up with this one specific question: “What would it take for you to become interested?” Maybe you’ll get an answer and maybe you won’t. If you don’t bother to ask the question, then you won’t get any answers.

Share the Wealth

Sometimes you will encounter an organization that is willing to sponsor a blog for a post, but they aren’t willing to sponsor anything of yours. At first, it seems like a waste of time to pursue this kind of opportunity. What most blog owners don’t realize, however, is that they have the perfect relationship building opportunity on their hands. Find a blog that does meet the sponsorship requirements of the prospect you have. Share the information and be the mediator. Not only does this give you a positive impression prospect, but you have an instant positive relationship with a fellow their back first.

Show Some Love

Are you blogging about something that you are passionate about? Your passion must come through with every word. If you are simply creating content because you’re trying to meet a quota, then you will create more disinterest in what you are writing than curiosity in it. It’s never too late to rediscover your passion and change your blog.

Pay to Play

One of the golden rules of business is that you’ve got to spend money in order to make money. Spending money to get a blog sponsor can be a tricky business. The best way to go about doing it is to hire a partner who can get you to be at the top of the mind of your top prospects. Constantly barrage prospects with phone calls or advertising blitzes is just going to drive people away. Stay in touch. Don’t be a stalker.

Keep It Low

First time blog sponsors are not going to pay a lot of money. You’ve got to find a good balance between bringing in some cash while not pricing yourself out of the market. You may find more success in getting $29 blog sponsors than trying to sell $500 banner advertisements.

With hard work, you can get sponsors for your blog. These 14 tips are a great place to get started.

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