How to Guest Blog

One of the fastest ways to start building links towards your website, whether it is a blog or an e-commerce solution, is to create guest content for other blogs. If you want to know how to guest blog effectively, then the first thing that you need to do is to begin networking. You must be able to contact blog owners that are within a similar niche as yours to see if they could use some extra content. Most blog owners are not going to say no to a guest post and as long as you accept a back link as payment, you’ll be able to build an effective relationship.

Getting the opportunity to guest blog is only the first step. You’ve also got to be able to create effective content that people are going to want to read. Here is how you can create good content for a guest blog that might get you some extra invitations are more exposure in the future.

1. You’ve Got To Be Authentic

There has to be a certain passion within the words that you write to inspire others to do something more. The best content that is on the Internet today will either solve problems for someone or inspire them to change their lives in some way. You can’t be able to do that if all you are doing is scraping content from other websites and then rewriting it. Find something that is deep within your soul, put the feelings that you find into words, and you’ll create engaging content.

2. Think About Including Anchor Text

Anchor text are portions of content that help a blog be able to link different pages in an effective way. The best way to create an anchor text within your content for a guest blog is to look at some of the other posts that have been created in the past on that blog on which your content is about to appear. Then you can naturally include the subject material that you found within your guest content that you’re about to create and the blog owner can then choose to link the subject material into the text will content.

3. You’re Not Writing The Next Great American Novel

The attention span of the average Internet user today is about 30 seconds. This is why infographics and other visual media tends to be more successful on the whole then dreamily longform content. The goal is to create information that is easy enough to read, but long enough that search engines will want to index the content because it is seen as valuable. Your goal should be to write a piece that is between 500-1500 words in length if you can be engaging.

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4. Show Off Your Expertise

The whole purpose of knowing how to guest blog is to be able to reach different audience demographics with your expertise. If you are putting in quotes or recipes or job checklists that are not your own, then the expertise that you are telling the reader who sees your work is more reflective of Internet research than what you are trying to convey. No one is saying that you need to tell people what the secret family recipe for your fried chicken happens to be… you just need to provide expert advice that people will find valuable.

5. Your Word Is Your Bond

Blog owners are banking on the fact that you will deliver on time. They are structuring their content in a specific way so that your guest post is going to be published at a certain time so that it can reach a certain audience. If you don’t follow through with your promise delivery, then you might just find you don’t get your guest post published at all. If you want to know how to guest blog, then you need to know how to structure your time properly so that you can deliver promised content on time 100% of the time.

6. Be Willing To Give As Much As You Receive

Blogging relationships are a lot like a checking account. In order to use a checking account, you first need to go to the banking institution to open up the account, right? That means you might need to offer guest blogging opportunities on your website first before you get some on other websites. The more you deposit into that checking account, then the more you are able to withdraw all later on to increase your website’s exposure.

7. Don’t Let Your Ego Get In The Way

The #1 mistake that is made on guest blogging platforms today is that the authors of content focus upon themselves instead of upon their readers. No one cares about how many awards you won because you know how to paint the fence pretty well. People want to know how you paint the fence so that they can replicate your process for their next project! If you only focus upon yourself, no one is going to read the rest of your article or want to visit your website.

8. Copy The Best Of What You See, But Then Work To Improve It

The goal of any guest blogging opportunity is to tell your story. This gives you the chance to relate to a new audience in an authentic manner. Things like structure and paragraph length and even subject material can all be copied from the most successful guest blogging posts that you see on the Internet today. What can’t be copied is your unique story. Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are, what challenges you have overcome, and how those experiences can solve problems for the person read those specific words. Remember the rule about the ego and keep it in check. It’s not about the success you’ve tasted – it’s about the experience of overcoming something that others face every day.

If you know how to guest blog effectively, then you’ve got a great chance of marketing your own brand to many different demographics. Follow these tips as you construct your content and you’ll be able to create something amazing!

Guide To Guest Blogging