How to Increase Subcribers to your WordPress Blog

Increasing Audience Engagement

Building Your Blogging Audience And Getting More Subscribers

Starting a blog is step one to helping grow your business. Now its time to work on building that audience. You are not going to have a huge amount of followers over night, but there are certain things you can do to help. First thing that will help boost your blog traffic is post intriguing and informative content.

Where the Attention Grabbing Starts

However the most important part of your content is the title or headline. It is what will catch your reader’s attention. You want your headline to make the readers want to read your article. 80% of the readers will just read your headline where only 20% will read the actual article. There are a few headline structure that work well but as long as it is captivating and informative you are good to go.

After you have come up with your headline it is now time to write the article. When writing your article, remember most readers scan rather than actually read the article. Having compelling sub liners will keep their attention while scanning. Also, using line breaks or bullet lists help as well. More ways to boost time spent on the site by including popular posts and related content. If you post links it is also good to include thumbnails.

Direct Readers to Your Social Networks

Social media can also help with upping your blog traffic. Use links on social media to direct the readers to your blogs. Make readers want to share your links. The more people share the better chance you have of getting new readers. Social media is a good place to start, but just remember you are dealing with people so don’t get all wrapped up in the technicalities.

When interacting with your readers on social media, stroke their egos. Retweet posts that are valuable and make comments that are meaningful and insightful. Share other bloggers links that are interesting and related to your content, mention the authors and in return they may help get your links out there.

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Ask the Simple Question

Getting readers is one thing now you need to keep them and that is simple, ask them to subscribe to your blog. Do this at the end of your blog rather than the beginning. You can also give them the option to an RSS or email. Guest blogging is also a great way. Pulling other writers with their own experience, expertise, and opinion can also help boost subscribers. Make sure it is targeted to areas of your industry and company or it can be a waste.

More great ways of boosting traffic and subscribers is offer extra content like free ebook, report, audio series, and e-course. A great way to get your links out there is form a relationship with other bloggers you share their links they share yours. So in conclusion having be eye-catching, useful, and properly promoted will help build your audience.