How to Make a Music Blog

If you want to know how to make a music blog, then you need to know how to stand out. A generic music blog focus or anything unique to offer. With this being such a creative subject, having nothing unique means that your blog will become quickly forgotten. If you can keep your topic focused and give people something of value within the genre of music that you offer, then you can have a successful music blog that can promote your own work or the work of other artists.

If you are ready to make an impact with your words just as much as your melodies, then you need to know how to make a music blog. Here is how you can get it done in just a few minutes.

1: Select a Good Hosting Product

Where your blog is hosted will be critical to your success. There are plenty of free options available today, like Blogger or Tumblr, but this puts the blog out of your control if something happens. That’s because you are not the one maintaining your content. Having a hosting provider that gives you good support is an essential part of the process. If they have reliable up times, fast response times, and affordable costs, then you’ve got a winning combination.

Many hosting providers have plans that start at $4 per month or less. Watch out for 2 year or 3 year plans that have to be pre-paid to get those rates.

2: Think About WordPress

Although Word Press isn’t necessarily a good hosting option, it is a good platform option. The difference is simple: you are managing your content through WordPress instead of managing your blog through them. It’s really easy to use, includes a number of plugins that can give your music blog customization, and it’s free. Pick out your domain name that works with the music you are trying to promote, keep it as short as you can, and some hosting providers will even give you a free domain just for signing up.

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3: Make Your Site Pretty

A standard theme for your website is going to make people yawn. It has no personality and let’s face it: music needs personality. Making your site look pretty means having it reflect your personality. The easiest way to make these changes so that it looks great is to install a template theme. There are a number of free teams available on the Internet today that work on many content management solutions, but the premium templates offer a number of better features for a relatively small fee.

Here’s a pro tip for beginning bloggers: Don’t search for free themes or templates on the Internet. Most of the website you will find contain bad links or malware that you don’t want. Look for official directories from known providers instead.

4: Get Good Content Composed

What makes a blog valuable is its content. Music blogs often talk about the same things. You can break them down into three pretty generic categories.

How to make your own music.
How to play your own music.
Why one genre of music is awesome and the rest of it is terrible.

You need to create a fourth category that is all your own. This is how you will be able to make your music blog stand out. Everyone expects a new blog to fit into those three generic categories. When you create your fourth category that is all your own, you will surprise readers because they will see that you’ve actually got knowledge to share that’s interesting. Make sure everything is edited, proofread, and has good sound quality if you upload audio or video files so that you leave a professional first impression.

5: Go Get a Gig

If you just stand outside of your house and play an instrument, there is not a very good chance that you’re going to get a major recording contract. If you just write on a blog, there’s not a very good chance that people are going to come read your blog. You need to let people know that you’re creating incredible content and that they are missing out on something wonderful if they don’t read it.

Music is all about networking. When you can connect with people in the music industry, artists, and even other music bloggers so that you can create an atmosphere of mutual promotion, you will be able to start making an impact. Just building a blog and expecting people to want to read it is why most blogs become dead.

6: Get Creative

The best blogs might stay within a specific niche, but they allow visitors to see more than one type of content. You’ve got to get creative when it comes to what you post a blog so that people stay interested in what you have to share. If all you do is write 2000 word articles every day about the pros and cons of certain music styles, your blog will get boring and old. When music is boring and old, it gets put into a cabinet and left for the dust mites.

Don’t let your blog get eaten by dust mites. Use a variety of content, including pictures, video, and even original songs or band reviews to provide the value that your visitors want to see. It’s okay to pick popular topics to discuss them with your readers. You’ve just got to be able to do it like no other music blog is currently doing it to stand out.

That’s why you got to be creative.

Are You Ready to Get Started Today?

If you want to know how to make a music blog, then you need to know how to make creative content be engaging. If you can do that, then you can do anything in the blogging world.

Music is something that transcends life. It influences everyone in some way. Because of this, every person on the Internet is a potential visitor to your blog. The potential is amazing… but only if you follow these six steps for success.

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