How to Make Money Blogging

Being able to make money from a blog is the unspoken dream of millions of bloggers on the Internet today. It’s nice to be able to document thoughts or share information with followers, but it’s better to be able to do that and make a few bucks on the side. Almost everyone has a blog that they update at least occasionally and 99% of them don’t make any money. That is wasted space that could be bringing in a massive amount of cash for you right now.

Are you going to make millions of dollars from running blog? A lucky few are able to do this, but most folks are going to be happy with an extra couple hundred dollars per month, right? Let’s shoot for that goal first and then maybe the millions of dollars can come along later down the road. There are seven primary methods of blogging to make money, so let’s take a look at them here in some greater detail.

1. Use The Posts That Are Already On Your Blog

There are personal blogs on the Internet today that have over 2000 post on them. That’s a gold mine that could be waiting to happen. Imagine if all of those posts could just generate $10 of revenue for the blogger. That’s $2000 and for many bloggers that’s a lot of cash. The way to start earning revenue off of these posts is to start cold calling businesses to see if they would be willing to sponsor them.

Maybe cold emailing would be a better term to use.

Shoot off a message to a business that matches up with the niche of the blog that you’re writing on. Talk to them about your visitor demographics and what kind of return they might be able to expect if they would sponsor one of your posts. Include complete branding on that specific post so that everyone knows the company in question has sponsored it. Companies love this kind of blog advertising because it gives them a specific link that they can promote to increase the return on their investment.

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Bloggers love it because they get some cash in hand.

2. Join A Blogging Program

There are numerous programs on the Internet today that can help bloggers make money. Some of them are even offered for free if you’re concerned about different scams. The goal of these blogs a simple: provide the content and they provide the advertising banners. Together you share in the revenues. Every time someone visits your blog, and impression is that advertising campaign. Although it takes thousands of impressions that make some decent money, it can be done. You’ll also get paid for clicks and that’s something that can add up to some serious cash.

If you’re looking for a shortcut and how to make him money from blog, there really isn’t one. You have to supply fresh, original content that people are going to want to read. It has to be so engaging that people will also want to share it. Whether you do that on your own or in a revenue sharing situation from one of today’s top blogging programs, there is no getting around the value concept.

3. Sign Up For An Online Advertising Program

Most people try to incorporate Google Adwords when they want to make money with their blog. This online advertising program from Google is very simple to incorporate, but it can be very difficult to find success with it. The #1 rule you have to remember when incorporating an advertising program is that this makes your blog a commercial entity. If you have copied pictures to use for your content and you don’t have commercial permission to use those images, then the owner of those images or any other content that you may have copied or scraped, can send you a cease-and-desist letter to force a takedown. Refuse to do that and you might find yourself with a lawsuit.

Google also has a unique set of rules that interacting with the advertisements that are placed on your blog. If your family or friends click on add banners to help you out, Google can actually figure this out and ban your account for life. Any money that you have stored up in that account which has not been paid out automatically becomes forfeit.

There are numerous other online advertising programs that are similar to Adwords, but may have fewer restrictions. These should also be considered, even if they are a little more difficult to incorporate into the coding of your blog.

4. Become An Amazon Affiliate

There are numerous affiliate programs that are on the Internet today, but none of them are as easy to use as the program that Amazon provides. If there is a product that is being sold on Amazon right now, you can become an affiliate of that product and earn a commission if you can sell it. This allows any current blogger to be able to incorporate products into their website naturally and potentially increase their sales.

The best part about the Amazon affiliate program is that sales links can be incorporated into your content and blog in numerous ways. Instead of having all of those annoying flashing banners, you can incorporate simple anchor links to specific products that will still generate a commission if a sale is made. Sidebar graphics and other sales options are also available. As an added bonus, if someone visit Amazon from your website through a clicked link, you get a portion of the wholesale instead of just a single product.

5. Create Your Own Product

There is a writer who lives in Washington state right now who makes almost $40,000 per year just blogging. He does this not because of being able to create tons of content, but because he has a legitimate product to sell to others. He uses his blog to sell his talents to the world at large. The writing on the blog serves as his resume. From there, he can sell the books that he has self published and take commissions for new projects.

It takes time to be able to earn that level of income. The average blog earns less than $1 per day. Many blogs don’t earn anything at all. By creating a unique product that you are passionate about, your blog can become an effective and free advertising medium. As long as you then deliver a quality product on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to start earning more money as word gets out about what you have to offer.

6. Always Tell An Authentic Story

No matter how you try to make money from your blog, there has to be some authenticity behind your efforts. There has to be passion. Without authenticity, you will never make passive cash revenues become a reality. The modern Internet user is smart and extremely savvy. Readers will research you if they are interested in you and help you make some cash if they can feel a connection with what you are doing.

The only way to establish an authentic connection is to just be yourself.

Everything that you post online, whether it is on your blog or through your social networking promotions, contributes to your reputation of being authentic. You are under a microscope 100% of the time. Everything that you post will feed into your brand. It is the branding that you create which will eventually lead to your profitability. With millions of affiliates and bloggers and products on the Internet today, the identity that you establish is what will lead you to making money from a blog… or eventually deciding to give up.

7. Ask People For Donations

Most people will actually donate money to someone if they ask for. This is why solicitors on the side of the road can earn upwards of $10 per hour. They are asking for money and people oblige. If you are not asking for money on your blog, then people are not going to know that you need money. Maybe you’re just blogging for the fun of it, right?

There is a difference between asking for money and begging for money. Begging turns people off when they see it on a blog.

That’s why using an option such as the PayPal donate button is an easy and effective method of raising some extra cash. You can set up coding that you just copy and paste into your blog that can allow someone to donate $1 [or whatever amount you think your readers will send your way] in just seconds. It’s fast, it’s painless, and 100 pennies really isn’t that much money. If you have 100 people every day donating this amount to you, however, it can add up pretty quickly.

With your hard work, creativity, and these 7 proven tips, you will know how to make money with a blog in a short amount of time. Get started maximizing your blogging presence today and there will be no limit to how much money you might be able to make doing something you love.

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