How to Make My Blog Better

Blogging can be inspirational and it can be boring. It can be motivational and it can be intimidating. The best blogs are able to do all of the above, often in just one piece of content, and end up creating powerful discussion points that may become part of dinner table discussions for weeks to come. If you want to know how to make a blog better, then this is the goal that you need to set for yourself. Your blog needs to become a regular part of someone’s life.

It all begins with the power of your written word. To make a blog become better, the content must become better. On the Internet today, better equates to value. How valuable do people see your blog? If people don’t find value in your blog, find out why by asking trusted associates to give you an honest opinion, take their feedback seriously, and then fix the problems that are found.

Here are some other ways that you can make a blog become better immediately.

1. Keep Everything Super Simple

One column blogs tend to be the most successful blogs on the Internet today. This is because they naturally draw a visitors focus towards the content that they want to see. Two column blogs can also be fairly successful if they are designed correctly. If you have items in your sidebar or second column that draw attention away from your content, then people are going to get fed up with your design and move on to somewhere else.

Three column blogs should be avoided at all costs because it becomes information overload for the average person.

More isn’t always better. Instead of overloading visitors with tons of information that they probably don’t want, look to create a super simple user experience so that people can see your content and engage if they wish to do so.

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2. Are Other Websites Linking Into Your Blog?

Search engines love a blog that has value. They see value in 2 particular ways: content that shows expertise and websites that link to your blog to show others your expertise. If you want to know how to make a blog better, then you need to start forming relationships with other websites so that they will want to encourage others to send traffic your way.

The more links you get, then the better your blog’s present on the Internet tends to be.

This isn’t always the case, however, because not every website that links to yours is a good website. Links create associations. If you have a website that distributes malware linking into your content, then this is an association that could damage a blog’s search rankings and your online reputation. Always check the sites that are linking into yours and disassociate from bad websites. Request links to be taken down that you don’t want first, and if the other websites keep the links active despite your request to take them down, think about using Google’s disavow tool.

3. Colors Matter More Than You Think

There are certain characteristics about the human eye that make particular color combinations easier to handle than others. This is why most word processing programs using white background and black font. This color contrast makes it easy for the human eye to pick up words so that they can be read, understood, and edited as necessary. It’s also why will make corrections in red. Red on top of white that is next to black is very easy to distinguish.

When you design your blog, it’s not just the background behind the text that matters. The entire blog is an experience. If you have a busy photograph in the background, combined with interactive features on your roll page with colors that are similar to your background, plus have glitter and fireworks that follow someone’s pointer, and audio files play whenever someone loads a blog post, most people aren’t going to bother with all of those distractions and just leave.

Contrast is good. Too much contrast is bad.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons for Most Networks

When you look at most social sharing plug-ins or widgets, you have 3 basic options included: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. There’s a fourth box that is offered to allow people to email your content to someone else or themselves for future reference. The only problem with this is that there are several social websites that could help to bring additional traffic to your website in just minutes after installing sharing features to them.

The three most important and most overlooked social sharing options that you should include on your blog today are below.

1. Pinterest
2. Reddit
3. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon in particular shouldn’t be ignored. Websites that install social sharing for StumbleUpon accounts see about a 4% increase in traffic in just 24 hours. Because of the unique nature of this option, thousands of links can be generated to users to encourage them to see one specific piece of content on your blog.

5. Create a Brilliant Brand

People prefer certain products because the brand sticks out in their mind. When you buy coffee, which coffee do you tend to get if money is no object? What about the jeans that you wear? The television shows that you watch? The vehicles you choose to drive? Some choices are made for us because of sales, our budgets, or particular needs that need to be met. We all have, however, first preferences that make us prefer one brand over another brand when similar products are available and at equal cost.

This is very true for blogging. Your blog needs to have a brilliant brand that people will remember. If they don’t remember who you are, great content isn’t going to be enough. Your brand presence will help you stand out against the competition and automatically make your blog better.

6. Give Your Blog An Upgrade

Look for a template that is mobile friendly, yet won’t change the overall dynamics of the average user experience. About half of the traffic that most blogs receive come from mobile devices. You can’t ignore this demographic, but you also can’t ignore those that use platforms either. Investing in responsive teams or templates will always be money that is well spent. It will allow your blog to look the same on just about any device and that consistency tends to add the level of readership a blog is able to receive.

7. Think About Search Engine Optimization

SEO work might seem intimidating if you’re not used to this natural marketing effort, but it’s more simple than you might think. There are numerous resources available on the Internet today, including a checklist from Drupal, that can help you quickly enhance how search engines see and rank your blog. There are also numerous companies that provide free tips to beginners to help a blog be easier to find.

The best SEO work in the world doesn’t do its job, however, unless there is valuable content associated with it. Value is stressed before anything else. This means you need to create original content, add pictures that are your own as much as possible, and link outward to other resources when they make sense so your website doesn’t look like a one-way street.

8. Keep It Free of Advertising

If someone spends eight hours on the Internet during the day, watches two hours of prime time television that evening, and then checks the local newspaper for the crossword puzzle before going to bed, it is possible that they will be exposed to 10,000 advertisements over the course of their waking hours. People become numb at this level exposure. It all becomes background noise.

You know what’s interesting about background noise? It might be ignored when it is present, but it is definitely noticed when it is not around. One of the ways to get more attention for your blog is to cut out the clutter of advertisement. Does this limit the chance for income opportunities? Yes. If you need to know how to make a blog better, however, then the advertising isn’t bringing in much revenue already anyway. If you eliminate it, you can create a fresh perspective to your existing content that even regular visitors will notice.

9. Above Everything Else, Be As Consistent As Possible

As much as people love value, they prize consistency. To know what to expect from a blog might make it predictable, but there is value in that predictability. Don’t surprise people with radical opinions or Pillar Content that only applies to a very specialized niche to gain exposure. Be consistent with generalized evergreen content instead, post this content consistently, and respond to comments or observations on your blog or social media within a day to create the consist experience that visitors love to see with a modern blog.

If you know how to make a blog better, then you can create an influential presence on the Internet today. Follow these nine in-depth tips and you just may be able to achieve the success with your blog that you’ve always wanted.

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