How to Make Your Blog Popular

In the world of the modern Internet, anyone could say anything and it becomes fact. Opinions are shared every day and it creates discussions that can sometimes be contentious. The only way this happens, however, is if you know how to make a blog popular. If you create a free blog and start writing at this very moment, you might get two or three visitors at most in the next 24 hours. You have to put in marketing work in addition to blogging work to become a focal point on the Internet today.

It all begins with how you customize your blog. It’s something that every advice article will tell you about making a blog popular, but that’s because it works. If you make a blog visually attractive, then you will make it more appealing to people who see it for the first time. You may only have 5 seconds to make a professional first impression, so customization is what will get you headed down a path toward success.

1. Think About Your Expert Knowledge

The one true difference that you have when compared to other bloggers is your unique experience. Your background is what makes you interesting. The best way to share the expertise that you have developed over the years is to create valuable content that can always be used.

Content like this, for example.

The goal is to solve problems. If you create content that offer step-by-step solutions that can help someone solve the problem, then you can create the foundation of a popular blog. If you are just writing opinion pieces about current events that won’t matter three weeks from now, then all of your traffic will go away in three weeks. Think about what will be important one year, 3 years, or even 5 years down the road and then turn that into something amazing that people will want to read.

2. Share The Information You Have With Other Blogs

Sometimes to become popular, you’ve got to put in some extra work for other people. This usually takes the form of becoming a guest offer for a post on a blog that is similar to yours. In return for getting a link to your own blog, you are providing content that a blog owner needs and proof of your expertise that you need. Any chance to blog for someone else is a chance that shouldn’t be ignored.

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There are a number of blogs that accept will accept a guest post. Sometimes all you have to do is ask a blogger if you could post something on their blog and you’ll get permission to do so. Make sure you follow the same composition rules for your content. It needs to solve a problem in order to become popular.

3. Giving Something Away Always Makes A Good First Impression

Something for free usually has some sort of strings attached to it. In your case, giving something away means that you are getting the exposure that you need to your targeted demographic. You don’t even need to get any information in return if you are just starting out. Building a squeeze page, however, can help you collect names and email addresses that can help you with future email marketing efforts and more exposure and potential profit.

What can you give away for free? Something that doesn’t take a lot of time to create, but will still have some sort of value. Free e-books, music downloads, poetry, or whatever works for your blog subject that people will enjoy will always make a good first impression.

4. You Can’t Keep Recycling Old Content

The age of content on the Internet today isn’t measured in years. It’s measured in hours. You need to stay relevant in order to matter when you are blogging. If all you do is recycle the same ideas time after time, what was a fresh idea last week is about as appealing as month old milk in the back of the refrigerator today. You wake up with a fresh start every morning. People want to see a fresh start on your blog every morning too.

You have to do more than just blog frequently. You have to blog smartly and frequently. People bounce from site to site today because they are hungry for more information. Provide them with this information as much as you can and you’ll become part of a visitor’s daily surfing routine.

5. Establish A Social Media Presence

Blogging is actually a business. It might not seem like a business to some because the blogs are very personal in nature, but anytime you want to make a blog popular, you have to network. The Internet makes networking pretty easy today. Instead of having to go to multiple after-hours parties or make phone calls to friends of other friends, you can create a social presence on Facebook or Twitter and just start talking to people. When those you engage find value in the content that you’re offering, you’ll create an automatic increase in the levels of traffic that your blog receives every day.

6. Quality Matters Over Quantity

You can blog every day about the weather outside or the food you had for breakfast and most people aren’t going to care. You could blog once per month and put out a 10,000 word article about your niche that would generate more traffic for your blog on a regular basis. Quality always matters over quantity. This is true even with search engine results. Take some time and explore subject material that is important to your target demographic and not only will this create value, but it could become the foundation of visitor relationships in the future.

If you want to know how to make a blog popular, these six steps are a good start. You must be willing to be authentic in everything you do and be willing to engage people on a daily basis to maintain traffic levels. If you can do all of this consistently, then you can become one of the most popular blogs on the Internet today.

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