How to Post to WordPress via Email

WordPress has become a very popular content management system and it’s because it is simple to post to the site that has been created. One of the oldest features that are overlooked by bloggers is the ability to post via email.

The WordPress interface is easier to interact with than ever before. There are also fancy software programs such as Microsoft Live Writer that can make it so much easier to write blog posts. You may be wondering why you would want to post anything via email when you have all of these features.

However, there is a very big reason as to why you will still want to post a WordPress via email.

It’s all about convenience. Regardless of how quickly you can log into your WordPress account, there is nothing easier or faster than posting something important from any computer that you have access to, including a mobile device. If you have breaking news that you want to quickly add to your blog, you will be able to do so via email so that it is up quickly.

If you run a news style blog within your niche, the amount of time between the event happening and the time that it gets posted to your blog is absolutely essential. You want people to rely on you for having the latest and greatest news, and it takes too long for you to post, visitors are not going to see any point in reading your site. They’re going to go to another site, one that gets the news up faster, and is probably using WordPress via email in order to make their postings.

Even if you are not posting time sensitive information out on your blog, it’s still worth understanding how this WordPress feature works.

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Setting Up the Feature in WordPress

You need to set up the feature in WordPress, otherwise you will be sending emails and assuming that they are getting posted when the reality is that they are sitting inside of your email and that is it. Go to your settings underwriting and scroll all the way down to where it says “post via email”. You will want to put in Gmail or whatever other account you choose to use as your mail server. You will enter the email, and the password, and then hit save changes. At this point, everything that goes to this email address will be posted as a blog entry – making everything a whole lot more convenient for you.

Using G-Mail

Gmail can be the best option for creating an email address that you are going to use specifically for your WordPress. You can name it whatever you want. As you explore the risks within the next section, you are going to understand why you don’t want it discovered.

1. Enable POP for all mail.

2. Go to filters and create a new filter. Place your primary email address.

by following these steps, you ensure that only one email is allowed to send anything to your Gmail account. Anything that you forward from your primary email address to this Gmail account is going to go through – and everything else will be filtered out.

Understanding the Risks

It is important to understand a few of the risks involved with posting via email. There are not a lot, but there is one and if you are aware of it, you can prevent bad things from happening. WordPress will log into a given email account, check for the new mail, and post every email that it finds.

This means that you will want to have a dedicated email address for your WordPress posts and you want to make sure that no one discovers the secret email because it would enable them to post anything to your blog simply by sending a message to that email account.

Crafting Your Posts

You want to keep all of your posts simple. While this may not be exactly what you want, is still going to provide you with the ability to get breaking news out quickly. You are going to be able to create text only posts. This means not being able to add any video, picture, or even custom styling, such as bold or italics.

The subject of your email becomes the title of the post. Everything within the email itself is the content of the post. Remember that this means everything and anything. If you have ads at the bottom of your email address or even a signature line, it’s going to appear within the blog post, making you look unprofessional. Make sure that these emails don’t include it.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t go in and as the video or text later on, once you have logged into your computer. The main focus is to get the breaking news out there, and you can “pretty it up” at a later time.

Deciding on Its Use

Ultimately, you have to decide whether it is worth it to use this feature or not. After you send emails, you will have to visit the wp-mail.php file for your blog every time, because this is what triggers WordPress to check for the new email posts. There are some limitations, but there are also some benefits when you want to post time sensitive entries. If you are not near your computer, this is truly the easiest option. There are some great features within WordPress, and you owe it to yourself to experiment with all of them.

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