How to Prevent WordPress Security Hacks

Wordpress Security for Your Site

Security Plugins For WordPress

In the world of internet communications, security is oftentimes the highest concern. For web designers and bloggers using WordPress, there is no exception. Fortunately for them, there are a multitude of tools and security plugins that have been designed to make their lives easier so they can sleep more soundly knowing malicious activity will be kept at bay. Security plugins can be separated into several different categories including spam filters, scanners, database managers, and antiviruses.

Blogging Spam

Spam is one of the primal fears of any blogger, so a website utilizing WordPress absolutely needs spam filters and protection. The top tool available serves this function is SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, which protects blogs by providing controlled access to the WordPress site with password-protected logins. WP-reCAPTCHA integrates a registration process into the site to provide optimal spam protection. AskApache Password Protect and Login LockDown deliver additional password protection capabilities. Stop Spammers automatically checks comments and blogs for spamming trends to help block spam messages. Apocalypse Meow is another tool that helps to prevent spam by ensuring that password strength requirements are met by users and brute force logins are prevented.

Monitor Potential Threats

Another effective tool for protecting a WordPress site is to constantly scan for threats on the actual site. WP Security offers the best protection in this category with scheduled scans for security vulnerabilities. Secure WordPress monitors for errors and removes error information from pages. Ultimate Security Checker and Sucuri Security are plugins that scan for vulnerabilities with WordPress security and detect potential malware.

Database Management

Database management tools offer peace of mind to bloggers and web designers by backing up data so it can be used after malicious activity has occurred. WP-DB Manager optimizes database management by scheduling backups and making restoration easy. Online Backup for WordPress gives site designers an user-friendly tool to securely backup up to 100 megabytes of data to an external server.

Antivirus Scan

Antiviruses scan WordPress sites for malicious code that can cripple the site. BulletProof security provides round-the-clock protection against all of the common coding that are used for hacking and viruses. Wordfence Security offers firewalls in addition to virus scanning as an added measure to protect against malicious code being introduced to a site. Theme Authenticity Checker provides an antivirus scan for theme files used on a WordPress site.

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There are a variety of tools and plugins that are available to web designers and bloggers using WordPress to help reduce the potential for malicious attack and activity. These easy to use plugins allow designers and bloggers the peace of mind they need to allow them to be more productive and spend less time fighting hackers. Some of the most effective types of plugins available for WordPress are spam filters, scanners, database managers, and antiviruses.