How To Promote Your Blog On Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the unique blogging platforms that exists today. It’s a little like Facebook, a little like Pinterest, and 100% you in social media. You can upload GIFs, blog like you would normally blog on platforms like WordPress or Blogger, and upload pictures that can serve as blog posts as well. The goal of a Tumblr presence is to create a number of followers who are all interested in seeing your posts on their dashboard.

To get started on Tumblr, you need to summarize who you are or what your brand happens to be in a nutshell. What is it that makes you tick? Are there specific interests that you have within your brand that could help to develop relationships? How are you able to relate to the youthful demographics that typically dominate this area of the internet? Answer those questions and you’ll be able to use these promotional ideas to take your blog to the next level.

It’s All About Engagement

#1. Tumblr isn’t just about the content you create. It’s also about the relationships that you are able to form. This means that you must not only engage with questions as they are asked to you or reblogs that happen with your content, but you must show that you are willing to engage people at any given moment through the structure of your blog. Make your blog available to questions from anyone and allow anonymous questions to be asked. This way there won’t be any embarrassment to other Tumblr members if they have a thought or question to ask you.

You Must Always Be Authentic

#2. The members of Tumblr have a unique ability to spot a lie from a mile away. The instant that you are caught in a statement or post that isn’t 100% true, you are going to have negative posts about your content spread like wildfire throughout the platform. The old saying that any press is good press hasn’t ever experienced the firestorm that non-authentic posts create on Tumblr. Make sure that you are always yourself and that your brand is a true reflection of who you are. When you’re able to do that, then even if people disagree with you or don’t like your blog, they’ll still respect the content that you are posting.

Tumblr Members Are Concerned About Triggers

#3. A lot of the people who are on Tumblr are in the 14-18 age demographic and are very concerned about negative influences. Many of them are already suffering from the issues of loneliness, depression, a lack of self-esteem, a lack of confidence, or a combination of any of these factors. If you trigger these issues with your content, then you’ll create an automatic level of withdrawal from your blog and brand of which you might never be able to recover. Get to know your target audience, read what they’re posting about on your dashboard, and you’ll get an idea of what the sensitive areas of content tend to be so you can avoid them.

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Create Something That Is Fresh and New

#4. The best way to be unique on Tumblr is to create branding that reflects your core person or business model. If your business is in the business of helping others, then reflect this through your blog’s name, your content, and how you interact with people. If you don’t help Tumblr members and your content is about how much help you provide others, then you won’t be seen as authentic [and that goes back to Point #2]. Share your opinion in a respectful way, incorporate opinions into your posts, and you’ll be able to stand out in no time on Tumblr.

Force Yourself to Be Patient

#5. Your Tumblr blog isn’t going to be popular in just a day. Most new blogs on Tumblr go through the same building process. They create some good pillar content at first, publish it, and someone with an interest in it will discover the page in a day or two. One of them will eventually reblog this content onto their own page. This creates followers and more followers create more reblogs. The cycle then just keeps continuing and your website presence keeps building.

Sometimes You’ve Got to Give to Receive

#6. There are already some popular blogs within your niche on Tumblr right now. Even if you think that your ideas are 100% unique, with over 7 billion people on the planet right now, most ideas really aren’t as unique as we’d like to think they are. Search Tumblr for blogs that are similar to yours and get to know those folks. Don’t be afraid to reblog their content so that they are notified that you appreciated what they provided. As you like and reblog items, you’ll begin to form relationships. These are things you must give away if you’re wanting to receive a high follower count.

Go Beyond the Basics

#7. There are a number of free themes that are available on Tumblr right now that can make your blog look decent. Have a decent looking blog on Tumblr is fine enough for most needs, but not for those who really want their promotional efforts to stand out. Take a look at some of the premium options that are available on Tumblr right now, but don’t just stop there. You have full access to the coding platform on Tumblr, so you can create a custom theme without much effort. Make your blog look good, create a high quality user experience, and when people come they’ll have a good time.

Incorporate Other Forms of Social Media

#8. Social media sharing isn’t always the easiest thing to install on a Tumblr blog. There isn’t a really good medium to help make that happen. You’ve got to be able to put in the coding all on your own unless you’re using a premium theme. Even then, you’ll have to replace the URL coding with links to your social media pages for people to connect in other ways. The effort required to put in social sharing, however, will pay off over time. Make sure to include StumbleUpon with Facebook and other options. You’ll get about 5% more traffic, on average, if you do.

Install Facebook Comment Options

#9. The basic commenting that Tumblr allows is fine for when you first get started, but you’ll want to improve it over time. Facebook comment options are one of the best and easiest ways to encourage social engagement on your Tumblr blog. Other sites like Digg also offer comment boxes, but Facebook is the #1 winner in this category by far. As an added plus, Tumblr comments will still be posted in addition to the Facebook comments on your physical page.

Schedule Your Posts For Consistency

#10. Tumblr offers a wonderful blog post scheduling feature that will let you post content at specific times during the day. This type of consistency is what will attract followers to include you on their dashboards. Many members follow hundreds of blogs, so they already are just skimming the content to see what is interesting as it is. If your posts are consistent, then you’ll be able to get your followers ready for the daily update and reading what you’ve got to offer.

Email Marketing Still Works

#11. Developing an email marketing list through Tumblr is a little difficult, but not impossible to do. Email marketing will help you be able to connect with people outside of their crowded dashboard and allow them to get to know you in a more personal way. Include a subscription plugin or a squeeze page to get this information.

Ask Questions

#12. One of the easiest ways to build relationships on Tumblr is to ask questions about someone’s blog. Most blogs have the “Ask a Question” feature installed in some way. Go through some of the content that has been offered, ask a meaningful question that will help explore that person’s niche expertise, and you’ll be able to start building relationships, one Tumblr member at a time.

Follow People Without Going Crazy

#13. Many people on Tumblr will follow you back if you decide to follow them first. If you follow hundreds of people on Tumblr every day, however, there is a good chance that your account might be flagged for spam. If you follow 20-30 new blogs every day and don’t go crazy about it, that’s still 200 new potential follows every week. Over time, that begins to adds up. Make sure you are taking time to comment, reblog, or interact with these blogs as much as you can as well.

Knowing how to promote a blog on Tumblr might seem like a full-time job, but it gets easier over time. Eventually people will want to follow you and not care if you don’t follow them back. In doing so, you’ll create a great blog that people will love because you are engaging and authentic in everything you do on this platform.