How to Promote Your Blog

You’ve got great content. You’ve been making sure that there are graphics associated with each blog post. You’ve created a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, and you’re even feeding automatic updates to Pinterest. The only problem is that your Facebook page has 45 likes, you’ve got 10 followers on Twitter, and you’re not sure that anyone realizes that you’re on Pinterest.

Knowing how to promote your blog is even more important than knowing how to create good content for your blog.

The best content that has ever been created in the history of the world won’t ever be read without promotional work. On the other hand, millions of people read terrible content every day because of great promotional work. If you can combine greatness is both subjects, then you’ll be able to have one of the top blogs on the internet.

Here’s how you’re going to get started.

Create A Blogging Plan Of Action

A blog is a business and every business needs to have a certain plan of action in order to find success. Think about the goals which you want to achieve and how fast you want to achieve them. What daily blogging action will you need to do in order to achieve these goals? What will you do for stretch goals once you are able to achieve your primary mission?

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This plan of action isn’t just an overview of where you’d like to be in the future with your blog. It’s a daily chore list that you need to accomplish so that you will be able to personally promote your blog in a way that makes sense. Some good goals would be to write a certain amount of content every day or make daily personal contacts to help increase the exposure of the blog.

Don’t Start Messing With The Design Of Your Blog Immediately

Fiddling with the design of your blog is something that you will always be tempted to do. It is also something that can quickly drain your time if you allow it to do so. Put into your blogging plan of action a stipulation that you won’t change the design of your blog for at least two months.

Even if there are elements that could be improved, here’s a simple fact: most new blogs get fewer than 50 visitors per day. A couple design element flaws isn’t really going to affect the overall performance of the blog. It’s more important that you get out and start networking with other people so that they are aware of your blog’s presents more than it is to have a 100% perfect blog.

Give Blog Visitors Something Great To Read

The goal of promoting your blog is to create a memorable experience. The best way to do that is to provide value within the content that you are providing. The best value comes from content that never grows old or stale over time. This is called “pillar content” or “evergreen content” or “stay fresh content” depending on who you ask.

The name isn’t important. The quality of the content is what matters.

To create this content, think about the important parts of your niche that most people are going to research every day. You can do this by going through the top keywords within your field of interest and then developing content around those keywords that always stays current. This does two things for you: it makes your blog looks awesome to search engines and gives people who you bring to your blog something worthwhile to read.

If You Don’t Schmooze, You’re Going To Lose

No matter how far you go back in history, one of the key components of growing a successful business is the time that is spent networking. When it comes to blogging, one of the easiest days that you can do is to research the best blogs in your interest area and get to know the people behind them. Be proactive in building relationships with those people. It will take time and it will take persistence and not everyone will be willing to engage with you.

That is what networking is. It’s 99% failure and 1% incredible success.

The reason why this method doesn’t work very well is because many bloggers are not willing to put in the time that it takes to form a quality relationship. They will attack top blog owners with massive amounts of spammy emails or leave comments on a blog inviting engagement and never bothering to follow-up those efforts with any meaningful discourse.

The human element of blogging is important. If you want to know how to promote your blog, then getting to know people who share similar interests is the next step on the journey toward success.

Building Links Is Still Important

People have written entire books about the importance of building links and the right ways to do it. Link building is just another form of networking. Most marketers are going to check back links that come to their site on a regular basis to see how valid the links happen to be. Your blog will come up in that search with the anchor text used to create that link. If you have great pillar content associated with that back link, then a marketer seeing this will undoubtedly get a smile on their face.

That might be as far as it goes. Some marketers look at back links as a measure of their own success and do nothing about them. Other marketers, however, go the next step and thank blog owners for valid links because they realize the time that it takes to create them. You know how sometimes they say that you’ve got to spend money in order to make money? Sometimes you need to give links before you can build relationships.

Get Involved In Several Forum Communities

The best way to market a blog is to create a personal experience. Social networking is often recommended as the best way to do this, but one cannot forget about the benefits of being involved on a forum. If you have established yourself in a forum, you have already built a natural networking community that will be interested in your new blog. That can create an amazing amount of traffic in no time at all.

This is where another common promotional mistake happens. People will join a forum and make a new chain that is specific in regards to the new blog. They might even talk about their special expertise and how much value they know everyone on that forum will see in the new content that is being offered. When you do that, it’s just like going up to a random person on the street, stopping them in what they were doing, and saying something like this.

“Hi. I’m Joe. You’re stupid. I’m awesome. Now be my friend because I can turn your stupidity into awesomeness like mine. Not equal awesomeness, mind you, but more than you have right now.”

What would happen if you did that to a stranger on the street? At best, they’d just push you aside and continue on their way. At worst, you might be headed to the dentist with a few broken teeth. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can set aside social rules of conduct. Be humble, establish relationships that are genuine, and don’t be in such a rush to prove your awesomeness.

Your content and marketing efforts will prove it all on their own.

Always Respond To A Question That Someone Has As Soon As You Can

The goal of engaging people is to reinforce the perceived value that you’re trying to communicate through your promotion efforts. You don’t want to seem desperate by responding in seconds, but you don’t want to make a question hang out there for three or four days either. Take some time and dedicate it every day to responding to questions or comments that are left in your blog. This will show visitors that see your conversation chains that you’re serious about networking and will take their needs seriously.

Develop A Brand And Then Distribute It

Your brand will become your identity when you are blogging. This brand will be associated with all of your efforts, your social networking presence, and even those handshake moments that you have in an elevator with complete strangers. Your brand will have a positive or negative effect on people and that effect is based on how you promote your blog. It only takes one negative impression to affect up to 10 people in a bad way, so always work to make a great first impression.

How is that done when information is your sole resources? Through visual aesthetics. Through researched content. Through a humble approach that focuses on the reader instead of the personal ego.

Knowing how to promote your blog means knowing how to reach people in a positive way. Create great content, but yourself out into the various communities that your industry offers, and show how your passion and expertise have value. When you do that, then you will be able to build a solid blogging presence over the next few months.

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