How to Publicize your Blog and Succeed at Blogging

Traits of a Blogger

Brain Busters of the Beginning Blogger

What URL should I use? What should I write? What should I share about me? What template should I use? How can I get my blog to be seen? These are all questions that a blogger has considered at one point or another. These days there are a ton of bloggers out there, good and bad, making the task of blogging even more difficult.

Choose a Domain Name

What URL should I use? This is a difficult task because just about every clever yet easy to find URL is taken. This leaves bloggers to settle for the less than clever URL. When choosing a URL it is important for the blogger to watch for mashed up names that could look like they mean something other than intended. It is also important that bloggers make sure the URL is not too long to remember, this will make it hard for a reader to find their page again.

Brainstorm Your Topics

What should I write? New bloggers face the task of choosing something that has not already been done in fifty different ways. It is important for them to be unique and let’s face it; you can already find a blog on just about anything you search.

Select a Template

What template should I use? There are a ton of templates out there but finding the right one to suit the need of the blogger can sometimes be mind bending and tedious. It has to mesh well with the content and idea of the blog.

Create Your Bio

What should I share on my about me page? If too much is shared it could leave a blogger with stalking issues or an enemy with too much info. It takes careful planning and consideration as to what should be shared and how. Bloggers have to leave a persona that lets there reader feel connected to them without giving away too much information for safety reasons.

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Promote Your Blog

How can I get my blog to be seen? A blogger faces many dilemmas with how to get their blog seen. First of all there is the task of meta tags and which ones to use most efficiently. Then there is posting it to their Facebook page at the right consistency without being unfriended by their family and friends. Which leads to how much they can talk about it with others before they become avoided by family and friends.

These are all dilemmas of the beginning blogger but there are many more that give the beginning blogger a lot to consider. The blogger still has to decide whether to make money and how to make money with affiliates. Blogging is not as easy as it appears to be when reading a blog, it is a well thought out process when the blog is successful.