How To Start A Blog Talk Radio Show

Have you always had the dream of being a talk radio show host? Thanks to the bloggersphere, certain hosting platforms, and your opinions, that can become a reality faster than you might realize. There are a number of ways that you can share audio on the internet today, with a variety of free audio platforms from which to choose, but the fastest and easiest way to get started is to use a site like Blog Talk Radio. In just 60 seconds, you can become your own radio show host!

What Do You Need To Do To Get Started?

Setting up an account. You’ll need to create an account on Blog Talk Radio or your preferred hosting platform first. You can often register an account by using your Facebook details so there isn’t another password and User ID floating around in your head. Hand over your email address and you’ve already accomplished the first part of the task.

Come up with something great to talk about. You’ll need to come up with the specific details about your radio show in order to begin sharing your thoughts and opinion. A good show title is catchy and needs to describe what it is that you plan to talk about. A profile description about your show and yourself will allow others to get to know their host and what to expect if they choose to listen. Pick the right category and the maturity level and you’re literally done.

The one problem that using a platform like Blog Talk Radio provides for some users is the cost to do more than just the basic type of talk show. Professional accounts can cost upwards of $250 per month, but the benefit is that the premium services allow for incoming phone calls, prime time scheduling, and the most advanced plans let you broadcast your show live on any website while allowing you to sell your own products.

Why Choose a Professional Platform Instead of a Self-Hosted One?

The issue is how you plan on integrating the audio into your blogging platform. Many audio services use a program like Skype in order to facilitate calls and that is not always easy to integrate into a self-hosted platform. If you’ve been trying to blog on Tumblr or Blogger, it can sometimes be nearly impossible. You can still upload audio files, of course, but you’ll have to interact with callers on your own and capturing that audio can be difficult.

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Blog Talk Radio and similar platforms provide this service for you. With up to 250 different callers pers talk show, depending on the plans that you choose, you’ll be able to just share your thoughts and opinions as you answer questions from callers. It really is like the classic experience of being on the radio, listening to your favorite talk show, except that you’re doing it yourself.

Make sure that you schedule your first shows right away after signing up for your platform. Blog Talk Radio, for example, has a rule in place that your account will become inactive if you do not schedule your first show within the first 45 days of it.

What Should You Discuss On Your Talk Show?

The idea of a good talk show is to discuss a topic that you’re passionate about and quite knowledgeable about. In doing so, you’ll be able to share a certain level of expertise that listeners aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else on the internet or the radio today. Think about what your natural talents and skills happen to be and then start taking a journey in that direction.

Just staying inside a generalized subject isn’t going to be good enough for your blog talk show when you first get started. You’re going to need to really bring it down to a specific niche so that you can begin building up your audience. Once the audience is established, you can think about going into more general subject terms to further increase your listener demographics.

Here are some examples of this concept to think about.

1. Instead of talking about gaming cards, you would discuss the pros and cons of Magic: The Gathering.
2. Instead of talking about all sports, you would talk about a specific team that you’re passionate about following.
3. Instead of talking about internet marketing, you would talk about the specific concepts in targeted SEO for the average small business owner.

If you can define a very specific subject, then you’ll be able to start showing off what your expertise happens to be. It is that expertise that will drive traffic to your show at first. Then those who disagree with your opinion will want to chime in so that a dissenting view is able to get on the air. When that happens, you’ll have made your blog talk show successful.

How Can You Build Up a Following For a Blog Talk Show?

This is where knowing what other talk show hosts are doing to promote their brand can really help you out. One of the most common methods of self-promotion is to create a blog that coincides with the content of your talk show. The easiest way to add content to your blog is to simply include transcripts from the shows that you are doing. This will let readers see how valuable your show happens to be and potentially encourage them to listen to it in the future.

Outside of transcripts, blogging about the specific areas you’ve talked about in more detail can also add value to your blog talk show’s presence. Using the examples from above, here are some ways that blogging could expand the content and value even further.

1. A Magic: The Gathering blogger could describe in detail gaming situations they’ve encountered and how to structure decks with specific booster cards to make themselves more competitive during a tournament.
2. A team specific talk show could discuss what is required for the Seattle Seahawks to stay in competitive form every year in the National Football Leage.
3. The small business SEO specialist could leave step-by-step instructions for listeners to follow that can improve their overall impact when crawlers come to visit their website.

Think expansion. You need to expand the thoughts from your talk show in a meaningful way. If you can make that happen on a daily basis, then you will find that being able to have a popular show that is regularly downloaded and followed isn’t that difficult to create.

The #1 Key To Success Is Consistency

Being a blog talk show host isn’t necessarily as consistent as a radio gig, but it needs to be as consistent as possible for a large following to be developed. People need to know when you are going to be on the air in order to be able to listen or call into your show. If the times you start your show are scattered all over the place, then it becomes a guessing game to the listener and that’s never a good situation. If people are confused, uncomfortable, or have to put in a lot of work to find out when you’re going to be live, then you’ll wind up losing a vast majority of your listeners.

It’s also important to put audio copies of your show in places that are easy to access. Many blog talk shows use iTunes as their method of audio distribution, but upload sites like SoundCloud could also provide an outlet to other demographics that you might not always be able to reach while using traditional methods of marketing. This is especially true since you can incorporate SoundCloud files into a website with just a simple copy/paste feature.

You can also upload files to make them available on multiple platforms. That will give you a greater level of exposure to multiple demographics.

Are You Ready To Host Your Own Talk Show?

If you’re ready to get started, then you’re ready to select the topic you wish to discuss. Once that happens, you’ll want to get some decent equipment into your studio [even if that studio is just your bathroom] so that your voice is clear and without distortion. Consider signing up with a platform like Blog Talk Radio that will allow you to receive incoming calls over an easy to manage system. When you can combine all of this, you’ll have the foundation necessary to host an engaging talk show that people will love.

From there, just keep adding to your portfolio of content as often as you can. Maybe you can only do a new show once per week. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Get onto a schedule that works for you and your listeners will follow along. Add unique content to an accompanying blog to provide additional value and as you follow these ideas, you’ll find that a blog talk show is not only fun to do, but it can help you build the web presence that you’ve always wanted.

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